Path of Exile Legion Expansion Brings Reworked Melee Combat, 5 Ancient Legions

Path of Exiles Legion

The latest Path of Exile expansion has just been announced, and it is called Path of Exile Legion. In this expansion, players will get to battle 5 Ancient Legions from the dungeon crawler’s past. The expansion also brings reworked melee combat, for new players and the veterans to try something new and tinker around to have fun.

The upcoming Legion expansion will run for around three months and will be split into two halves. The first allows players to level up at their own pace, while the other is on the advanced side for endgame players. In the expansion, and in its regular story zones, you will encounter crystal monoliths. Each monolith you encounter in Legion serves as the highlight of the area. This will spawn two armies locked just before a clash. You can use your attacks and hit carious mobs around you, where after 8 seconds, every tagger enemy will come to life for you to fight.

The difficulty can be set according to your preference, you can tag only a handful of enemies, or tag as many as you want. the more enemies you tag, the higher the difficulty, and the better the loot.

In total there are five legions and you might get to fight them all at the same time. To do that you will first have to acquire legion specific splinters. If you are facing off against monsters in the Maraketh legion, they will a chance to drop Maraketh Splinters. Collecting 50 of these will get you a Maraketh Emblem.

Meanwhile, the expansion is bringing reworked melee combat in the game, which makes it feel less clunky. Attack animations can now be canceled, movement skills activate immediately and melee attacks hit multiple different enemies.

When the game was released back in 2013, the developers continued to dish out new content while neglecting the earlier stuff. Since then, the tutorial has gone through many incarnations throughout its lifetime. Earlier, the bosses were super difficult to beat and needed to be attacked in the right patter, making it difficult for new players to learn the skills. An overhaul was applied, which made the bosses much easier to kill. As the years went by, these bosses started to break down with multiple abilities that just stopped working.

With Legion expansion, the PoE developers have decided to go back and make those early game bosses difficult again. Each payer will now get access to a mobility ability very early in the game, allowing them to dodge and weave any incoming attacks. This will allow the gameplay experience to be more rewarding a hopefully pull in more players into the video game that is consistently growing every year.

Path of Exile Legion expansion is set to launch on June 7 for PC. Post your comments below.

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