New Gameplay Video of Anthem Shows Open-World Freeplay Exploration

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An 8 minute long gameplay video of Anthem that features the open-world freeplay exploration that players can expect in the game once int launch. The video was shown by IGN, as BioWare opens its floodgates of gameplay videos.

All the previous gameplay videos were taken from game missions, however the new video shows how much the game allows the players to explore the world without any particular objective in mind. Take a look at the gameplay video below.

In the video, players can see the Freeplay mode, which sets you and your friends to play co-op in the world to get into trouble as you see fit. Players out in the open world can take on World Events, which are simple missions that will be randomized each time you set your foot out. You also get to battle wild fauna, and even the occasional miniboss, collect items and gears, codexes with information about the world, and many more things.

Anthem is coming with a demo in a few weeks, where players can get their hands on it on 1 February, 2019. The demo will come early to Origin/ EA Access members on 25 January. The demo will allow players to try out the javelin classes, explore Ford Tarsis, and take on a handful of small missions. Players will also start with level 10 and progress to level 15.

Previously, a new uninterrupted early mission gameplay video of Anthem was just released by Bioware. The video is a mission worth of length and is 15 minutes long of what we can expect straight out of the game.

The Anthem Alpha test ran last month in December where we got to experience the all flying Javelin suits and flight abilities, along with the combat mechanics, the environment which was all pleasing with a seamless gameplay. The video looks incredible as far as graphics of Anthem are concerned, but it is worth mentioning that it was running on a high end PC.

What do you think of the open world freeplay exploration of Anthem? Let us know in the comments below.

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