Marvel’s Spider-Man Photo Mode Will Be Available in Day One Patch

Marvel's Spider-Man

Insomniac Games previously mentioned that players will get the photo mode post launch. Now we know that photo mode will be patched to game on day one. The photo mode trailer shows how versatile the editing goes in the upcoming Marvel’s Spider-Man. Check out the photo mode video here.

You can activate photo from pause menu. The photo mode offers a lot of options to customize. The Photo mode features Focus distance, Aperture and FOV. The photo mode also comes with tons of filters, blend, frames and frame level positioning. It also has photo mode overlays.

Another exciting feature is the emote, you can change the face expression of Spider-Man from emote section. Squint, shifty and angry were few we could spot in photo mode video.  Also, you can adjust the eye intensity of Spider-Man.

The photo mode also comes with sticker mode. The sticker mode looked versatile, it had lots of options to select a sticker and create a unique photo. Not only this, there are sticker texts also.

Insomniac Games have really done an amazing work on Marvel’s Spider-Man photo mode. I for one will love to spend hours in game, taking photos of Spider-Man lurking from skyscraper buildings to fighting thugs.

Insomniac is planning three chapters DLC for Marvel’s Spider-Man . Each chapter will be released after every month starting October 23, 2018.

The DLC has officially appeared at PlayStation Store for $24.99 USD. The DLC bundles all three chapters and a single purchase will allow access to additional chapter whenever they get released. All three chapters can be purchased individually for $9.99 only. If you purchase the digital deluxe edition of Marvel’s Spider-Man, the purchase will include base game and The City That Never Sleeps DLC.

All the individual chapters will bring in new suits, new enemies and a fresh story that may or may not be connected to base game story.

Insomniac Games in an interview mentioned that they were given the freedom of expressing there work on a brand new Spider-Man game. What we have seen from last year trailer and hands-on experience at Gamescom few days back, we can safely say Insomniac has not disappointed the fans.

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