Lost In Cult Unveils Nirvana Noir Collection: A Fusion of Art, Sound, and Adventure

Nirvana Noir Collection

Lost In Cult, in collaboration with developer Feral Cat Den, is thrilled to introduce the Nirvana Noir Collection, an exquisite ensemble celebrating the captivating world of the Noir series. This exclusive collection, now available for backing on Kickstarter, intertwines the mesmerizing artistry of Genesis Noir and Nirvana Noir into a breathtaking artbook and a mesmerizing vinyl soundtrack.

The Nirvana Noir Collection Kickstarter campaign has officially launched, inviting backers to immerse themselves in the ethereal realms of the Noir series. With the campaign open for 30 days, supporters can pledge their backing until the campaign concludes. Anticipated shipping is slated for Q4 2025. Apart from the collection, you can also check out the Kickstarter campaign for the Nirvana Noir game itself if you are interested in trying out the game.

Noir — The Collected Artworks of Genesis & Nirvana Noir:

The centerpiece of the collection, “Noir — The Collected Artworks of Genesis & Nirvana Noir,” elevates the digital art of the Noir series into a tangible masterpiece. This hardback book boasts premium qualities, featuring indie gaming icon No Man with a reflective silver finish. The book is bound with black spine tape, showcasing stunning 150gsm Arctic Matt paper stock.

A matte vinyl dust jacket adorned with cosmic words adds to its allure. Additionally, an exclusive comic by the Nirvana Noir team expands on No Man’s enigmatic narrative, while a mysterious bookmark brings animated stills to life.

Nirvana Noir — The OST Vinyl:

Immerse yourself in the entrancing melodies of Nirvana Noir with the OST Vinyl. Skillbard’s mesmerizing original soundtrack, inspired by 1960/70s psychedelia and jazz fusion, comes to life in this vinyl release. Exclusively available to Kickstarter backers, the vinyl features a unique 50/50 black & psychedelic transparent design, capturing the essence of No Man’s dual realities.

About Nirvana Noir:

Nirvana Noir follows in the footsteps of its award-winning predecessor, Genesis Noir, seamlessly blending animation, interactivity, and unique puzzles. No Man, the protagonist, embarks on a journey across two reflected realities, Black Rapture and Constant Testament, to confront mysterious threats endangering both realms. From unraveling conspiracies to investigating dangerous new drugs, players navigate No Man’s journey across vibrant and sinister landscapes, all depicted in the stunning art and sound of the Noir series.

Preservation and Ethical Manufacturing:

Lost In Cult’s commitment extends beyond artistic expression to ethical manufacturing. Each copy of “Noir — The Collected Artworks” is crafted with sustainable materials and assembled through partnerships with carbon-neutral, anti-corruption factories. With a focus on ethical production, Lost In Cult ensures that each page of the FSC-accredited book supports well-respected labor practices.

Join Lost In Cult in preserving the immersive worlds of the Noir series and indulge in the Nirvana Noir Collection. Back the Kickstarter campaign today and secure your place within the cosmic journey of No Man.

What are your thoughts on the new Nirvana Noir Collection revealed by Lost in Cult? Would you be interested in backing its Kickstarter campaign? Let us know in the comments section below.

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