John Wick is Getting His Own Video Game and it Looks Badass

John Wick Game

If you are a fan of John Wick and were sad about the trilogy ending with the third movie, you would be glad to know that a John Wick video game has been announced. This was revealed by Mike Bithell who is the writer and director of the John Wick game called John Wick Hex and he also shared a small teaser trailer of the game which shows us exactly what the game is all about.

From the first impressions, the game is nothing like you would have imagined when you thought about a game based on John Wick. It features a very unique visual style along with gameplay mechanics and it looks like is like a mixture of 2.5D and 3D with a top-down perspective. One thing is for sure that the trailer is pretty badass.

It shows John Wick exactly like he is in the movies dealing with bad guys and pretty handy with his fists and legs as well as his pistol. The game is being developed by Mike Bithell and Lionsgate Studios while the publishing rights are with Good Shepherd Entertainment. You can check out the announcement trailer for the game below.

The video game is being developed with close cooperation with the creative team behind the movies and it portrays John Wick’s signature gun fu style in the best way possible. Each action must be thought in advance while keeping its cost and consequences in mind by the player. The unique art style of the game will make every fight in the game look like it is straight out of the John Wick movie.

Progression in the main story will allow players to unlock new weapons, locations, and suit upgrades. With each weapon, players will need to use different tactics for completing each mission. Players will want to look out for loadout times and keep the ammo in check as ammo is finite in the game. Each weapon and upgrade will demand players to change their approach and strategy towards completing missions.

More details about the game will be detailed at a later point however one thing we know at this point is that John Wick Hex is an Epic Games Store exclusive on PC. It will come on consoles as well but the PC version is limited to Epic Games Store only and it will not come on Steam. This was revealed by both Mike as well as the trailer which has the Epic Games Store logo at the end. Naturally, fans did not like this one bit.

Are you looking forward to playing John Wick Hex? Let us know in the comments section below.

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