How to Get the Insignia Key in Resident Evil 4

How to Get the Insignia Key in Resident Evil 4

One of the puzzles at The Village Chief’s House in Resident Evil 4 gives you the Insignia Key allowing you to open the house door right in the center of the Village. This guide will show you how to get the Insignia Key in Resident Evil 4 and where you can find it.

How to Get the Insignia Key in Resident Evil 4

The Insignia key can be obtained in one of the first places you visit in the game which is The Village Chief’s House. This house contains a puzzle that you need solve once you enter inside before you can get the Insignia Key.

When you reach The Village Chief’s House, you will find the front door locked, but you can still go inside by using the backdoor. Inside, you will run into a bear trap and a zombie, along with valuable loot items. However, the more important thing inside this house is a note located on the second floor of the house with three sentences that are going to be your puzzle clues.

Now head back down to the lower floor and head to the cabinet where you can enter the solution for the puzzle. The cabinet will have three symbols that can be spun to have different images. The solution for the puzzle from left to right is Wheat, Pig, and Baby.

Enter the images and you will now get the Crystal Marble and an enemy that will show up to fight against you. Once you have cleared the Plaga Village Elder, head back up to the second floor of the house and use the Crystal Marble to place it on the door. All that’s left to do is to rotate the pattern until it completely matches the image and you will then get the Insignia Key.

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That’s how you can get the Insignia Key in Resident Evil 4. Post your comments below.

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