Hades 2: How to Unlock Nocturnal Arms

Hades 2 Nocturnal Arms

In Hades 2, Melinoë might have magic powers, but it’s important to make sure she has good weapons if you want to fight off the many enemies in the Underworld. The special weapons you’ll need to reach Chronos are called Nocturnal Arms. In this Hades 2 Guide, we will guide you on how you can unlock your Nocturnal Arms.

How to Unlock Nocturnal Arms in Hades 2

To get new Nocturnal Arms in Hades 2, you need to go to the Silver Pools. It’s a place you’ll come across right after the Altar of Ashes and right before Schemeleus’s Training Grounds. You’ll know it by a glowing blue circle on the ground with a crescent moon and pentagram symbols around it. Step into the blue pool and use it to open the crafting menu.

In the menu, you can look through the list of Arms you can use. It shows what materials you need to make them in the bottom left corner. There’s also a description of each weapon and what it can do for you right next to that.

Each Nocturnal Arm in Hades 2 has its own good and bad points, and they work best for different ways of playing. Try making and trying out lots of them to find the one that fits how you like to play the best!

All Nocturnal Arms

Check out all Nocturnal Arms in Hades 2 and how to get them below:

Witch’s Staff – Descura 

  • Unlocked by default

In Hades 2, you get the Witch’s Staff as your first weapon, so there’s no need to make it. It’s a good weapon for fighting up close or from a distance.

With Descura, the basic attack can reach quite far, and its special attack shoots out fast-moving projectiles from a long distance, letting you defeat enemies without having to get too close to them.

Sister Blades – Lim and Oros 

  • Materials Required: 1x Silver (Pickaxe: Erebus)

The Sister Blades are a pair of small knives named Lim and Oros, always kept together. They’re both special in their own way: one is curved like a tiny scythe, while the other is straight like an arrow.

These blades are super fast and can deal a lot of damage quickly. One cool thing about them is they can sneak up on an enemy by dashing past them and hitting them for extra damage.

Although they’re great for fighting up close, they also have a neat trick: they can shoot out a projectile to attack from far away, making them useful in both close and distant fights. Their special move isn’t as speedy as Descura’s, but it still gets the job done.

Hades 2 Nocturnal Arms

Umbral Flames

  • Materials Required: 3x Silver (Pickaxe: Erebus), 3x Cinder (Hecate Boss Loot)

The Umbral Flames are two torches with powerful green flames that can hurt enemies a lot. When you attack with them, you shoot out a green fireball that gets stronger if you hold the button down, and it can hit enemies from far away. Their special move creates one or two balls of green flame that spin around you, hitting any enemies that come too close. It’s great because it helps you attack enemies while you’re already attacking them!

Getting the Umbral Flames is a bit harder than getting the previous weapons. You have to beat Headmistress Hecate in battle three times to get them.

Moonstone Axe

  • Materials Required: 15x Silver (Pickaxe: Erebus)

The Moonstone Axe isn’t as quick as the other weapons you can get at the Silver Pool, but it’s super strong. When you swing it, it deals massive damage to whoever you’re fighting. Plus, its attacks can make shockwaves that hurt enemies nearby. You’ll mainly use the Moonstone Axe up close, but its special move can reach enemies from a good distance away. So, you’ve got some options for fighting styles.

Since the Moonstone Axe is heavy and takes a long time to swing, it’s not the best pick if you like to attack quickly. But if you can get used to its slower pace, you’ll be really tough to beat in battles.

This concludes our Hades 2 guide on how you can unlock Nocturnal Arms. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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