Hades 2 Boss Battles Guide – All Bosses, Tips and Tricks

Hades 2 Boss Battles Guide

Melinoë faces many dangers as she travels through the underworld. While fighting through lots of enemies in each area is tough, the biggest challenges are the boss battles in Hades 2. This Hades 2 Boss Battles Guide has guides for each boss, including details on their attacks and how you can tackle them and progress in the game.

Boss Battles Guide – Hades 2

Read on below to find out everything there is to know about bosses in Hades 2 and how you can defeat them easily.

Hecate’s Boss Fight

Hecate’s Attacks

  • Hecate uses her weapons to shoot out one or two waves of green energy.
  • She splits into three versions of herself, and each of them throws green flames or balls around the battlefield.
  • Hecate has a curse that can turn you into a slow-moving, defenseless sheep.
  • Hecate can call upon several minions to defend her until they’re all defeated.
  • She can make patterns on the ground that hurt you if you’re stuck in them for too long.
  • Hecate can create a ring of energy that grows around her and then shrinks back in.
  • Using her weapons, she can cast another spell that sends out waves of green energy in a big circle before coming back to her.

Boss Fight Strategy

Hecate is a tough boss with many different attacks. She uses them randomly, which makes it hard to know what she’ll do next. She can attack from far away or up close, so you need to watch carefully to know when to strike.

The best time to hit her is when she uses her weapons. She has two attacks with them: one throws out two energy arcs, and the other sends out a single arc. Dodge the first attack, then quickly dash towards her to hit her a few times. Be careful, though, because she might attack again right after, so don’t dash into danger.

Sometimes, Hecate creates a big ring of power around her that grows before shrinking back. This is a good chance to attack from a distance or use special moves. When the ring starts to shrink, move in and hit her a few more times before she attacks again. When Hecate calls her helpers, zip around the area, beating as many as possible to break her shield. Use the trees to cause damage to the ground and knock out lots of helpers together. Hecate can’t be hurt until all her helpers are gone.

If Hecate turns you into a sheep, all you can do is hop around, dodging attacks and spells, and hoping not to get hit. You’ll be a sheep for about ten seconds before turning back to normal. This spell is super fast and hard to dodge.

When Hecate shoots out flames that cover a big area before pulling back, do like with the ring of power: follow the flames back and slash a few times, then retreat. A tough moment is when she splits into three versions of herself. Each one throws long-range attacks that cover almost the whole area. You can try to hit her, but you might hit a fake version instead. The fake ones turn green when hit, while the real Hecate turns white. It’s safer to dodge her attacks during this.

The trick to beating Hecate, like most bosses in Hades 2, is to pick your moments carefully and not be too greedy. You can only safely hit her a few times before risking getting hurt yourself.


After beating Hecate in a fight, you’ll get a Shard of Cinder. You can use this to make either “Nocturnal Arms” or “Incantations”.

Scylla And The Sirens


  • Scylla can scream and chase you in the arena.
  • Scylla can shoot four beams that spin around her.
  • The Drummer makes red spells that hurt you if you touch them.
  • The Guitarist also makes red spells and a ring of red power around her.
  • The Guitarist can rush at you.
  • The Guitarist can shoot bubble-like projectiles at you.
  • Sometimes magic forces you towards the Drummer or away from her.
  • Scylla hits you with her weapon if you get close.
  • You might find small red bubbles with music notes that hurt when they hit you.
  • Scylla shoots out sharp spikes sometimes.

Fight Strategy

Scylla and the Sirens are tough opponents because they attack in three different ways simultaneously. But here’s the good part: when you hit any of them, it hurts the whole group, lowering their shared health bar shown on the screen.

The smartest way to handle this battle is to target one of them first. When you do enough damage to one, they can’t move anymore, making it easier to focus on the others. Usually, the Drummer is the easiest to hit because they don’t move much and don’t shoot things at you like the others. But don’t linger too long near them, or you’ll get caught in their spells.

Scylla is slow, which makes her an easy target. But she’s tough from behind and sometimes closes her shell, so she can’t be hurt. The Guitarist is quick, so it’s smart to move around and focus on her. But watch out for her charging and casting moves, they can hurt a lot. The toughest part of this battle is dodging all the attacks. Remember to keep moving and avoid anything red and harmful by dashing around the arena.

The Drummer has a dangerous attack with two parts that can cause big trouble. First, she casts a spell covering the whole area except near her, so if you’re far away, you’re in danger. Then, she casts again around herself, right where it was safe before, and quickly moves away when the first spell explodes.


When you beat Scylla and the Sirens, you’ll get a Pearl as a reward.

This guide is a work in progress. We will continue to add more bosses to this guide as we spend more time in the game.

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This concludes our Hades 2 Boss Battles Guide. If you have some tips and tricks for us on how to defeat a specific boss in Hades 2, let us know in the comments section below.

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