Hades 2 Tarot Cards Guide – Altar of Ashes, All Tarot Cards

Hades 2 Tarot Cards Guide

In Hades 2, the Altar of Ashes helps you get Tarot cards that give you special powers. These cards can make Melinoë’s big challenge feel easier. In this guide, you can see all the Tarot cards you can get at the Altar of Ashes. It tells you what each card does and how you can get them. This Hades 2 Tarot Cards Guide will help you understand how the Altar of Ashes works and also tell you about all Tarot Cards in the game.

Tarot Cards Guide – Hades 2

The Altar of Ashes is like a big doorway you go through right when you get into the second part of the Crossroads. If you reach the Silver Pools, you’ve gone too far ahead! Use the Altar of Ashes to open up the Tarot menu.

At the Altar of Ashes, you can find nine Tarot cards to uncover. Each card needs a specific number of Ashes to unlock and has its own Grasp rating. Grasp shows how much stress the card puts on Melinoë. You can check Melinoë’s Grasp by looking at the arch above her head on the right side. The Grasp required for each card is shown in the top right corner of the card.

The Sorceress

When you use your Cast Moves, time slows down for 2 seconds.

  • Unlock Requirements: 1x Ash
  • Grasp: 1

The Wayward Son

When you leave a place, you’ll get back two hearts. If you have less than 30% health, you’ll get double that amount, so four hearts.

  • Unlock Requirements: 3x Ash
  • Grasp: 1

The Huntress

When your Mana is not at 100%, your Attack and Special moves deal 30% more damage.

  • Unlock Requirements: 10x Ash
  • Grasp: 3

The Furies

You’ll do more damage when you use your Casts.

  • Unlock Requirements: 10x Ash
  • Grasp: 3

The Titan

You’ll get an extra 20 Health and 20 Mana.

  • Unlock Requirements: 7x Ash
  • Grasp: 2

The Unseen

You get back 2 Mana every second.

  • Unlock Requirements: 20x Ash
  • Grasp: 5

The Swift Runner

You can sprint 20% faster now.

  • Unlock Requirements: 10x Ash
  • Grasp: 1


Every night, you start with one chance for death defiance.

  • Unlock Requirements: 20x Ash
  • Grasp: 4

The Centaur

Whenever you find five new locations, you get an extra +3 Health and +3 Mana.

  • Unlock Requirements: 1x Cinder, 25x Ash
  • Grasp: 0

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This concludes our Hades 2 Tarot Cards Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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