DICE Lists Changes That Will Come in Battlefield V

Battlefield V

EA DICE held Battlefield V Open beta this month. The fans of the series who participated in the beta were very disappointing from lots of multiplayer elements. DICE took notice of the community feedback and mentioned that the studio will make efforts and work for improvements before the game is released.

We now have a list of changes that will come in Battlefield V. DICE has listed the changes in a blogpost on EA website. Player visibility, attrition system, bleed out times and few others in-game multiplayer features will see some major changes.

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The attrition system in Battlefield V was designed to limit health and ammo to regulate the match temperament. Players submitted feedback to make some changes in it. In the beta version of Battlefield V, players had to spawn, sprint, die and repeat. That is where the balance was lost in the match. DICE said in final version of game there will be weapons with more ammo, others will have limited ammo on spawn.

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DICE said some supply stations will be removed in the final version of game and that players will be made to construct their own stations so as to score points. Also, there will be one-use health pouch for players in every respawn.

Battlefield V removes the enemy visibility icon either friend or foe. Only Recon class with certain equipment will have the ability to spot the enemies. DICE said that the team is working on player visibility, specially where it is more required like in Rotterdam map.

Players who participated in beta said that the bleed out time was too much and they had to wait a lot. DICE said it will work on alleviating bleed out times and that player who are down will be more visible to squad mates.

DICE also took notice of the weapons that were overpowered in Battlefield V beta. Such weapons will be balanced more in the final version of the game. Battlefield V releases November 20, 2018 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platform.

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