Death Stranding Pre-Orders Starting Today, Promo Leaked on PSN

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It appears that the pre-orders for Hideo Kojima’s long-awaited Death Stranding might be starting today after the news reveal as its promo was leaked on PSN. The image leaked clearly shows Pre-Order Now tab along with all the goodies that are included for the players who pre-order the title. Just like most modern pre-orders, Death Stranding will include a long list of digital goodies.

Hideo Kojima recently teased that more information would be revealed about the title on May 29 and since earlier we saw that Hideo Kojima teased a possible new trailer for the game. In all this teasing, PSN has actually leaked the promo ad for Death Stranding which also includes a Pre-Order tab. This has led to the conclusion that today’s trailer will include a confirmed release date for the title as well.

The leaked pre-order promo shows us what to expect from the pre-order of Death Stranding. It includes a PS4 dynamic theme along which a cool PSN avatar. Other digital goodies included with the pre-order are Gold ‘Sam’ Sunglasses, Gold Armor Plate, Gold Hat along with Gold Speed Skeleton. The promo also states that all in-game items are not available right at the start of the game and must be unlocked with in-game progression.

Death Stranding Pre-Orders

However, since there is no official confirmation on this at this point, we are still not sure whether the release date is coming today or not. Considering the fact that it is about time and fans really need to push, a release date has to be a part of today’s Death Stranding news. At least that is what we would like. We have been getting tons and tons of leaks and rumors in the past few weeks but now it seems we will finally get some solid intel on the game today.

What are your expectations for today’s news regarding Death Stranding? Let us know in the comments section below.

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