Creepy Jar Celebrates 20th Free Update for Green Hell with Anteater Expansion

Green Hell Anteater Update

Since its inception into Early Access in 2018, Green Hell has become a staple in the survival gaming genre, thanks to its dedicated community and continuous updates from developer Creepy Jar. Today marks a significant milestone as Creepy Jar releases the Anteater update, the 20th free update for the PC version of Green Hell.

Building upon the success of previous updates, particularly the Animal Husbandry Update, the Anteater expansion introduces new wildlife management mechanics, including the addition of giant anteaters, armadillos, and parrots to the game. Players will also find new gameplay mechanics like composting, enhancing the immersive survival experience of Green Hell.

Check out the trailer for the new Anteater update:

Here’s a breakdown of what players can expect from the Anteater update:

  • New Animal – Giant Anteater: Players will encounter the giant anteater as a new addition to the game’s wildlife. While they may appear amusing or cute, these creatures can be aggressive, adding an element of danger to the jungle environment.
  • Spawning Anthills: Anthills now serve as guides to areas frequented by anteaters, providing players with valuable insights into the game’s ecosystem.
  • Animal Pen Additions: Players can now breed armadillos, three-banded armadillos, and giant anteaters within their animal pens, expanding their options for wildlife management.
  • Composter/Compost Mechanics: Introducing composting as a new gameplay mechanic, players can dispose of various waste items such as rotten meat, spoiled food, and animal droppings to create compost, which can be used to feed insects and maintain their animal pens.
  • Feeding Trough (Insects): To cater to their new animal companions, players can construct feeding troughs to provide insects as food for anteaters and armadillos.
  • Parrot Keeping/Parrot Nest: Players can attract and domesticate parrots by constructing parrot nests, adding another layer of interaction and wildlife management to the game.

Green Hell Anteater Update

Creepy Jar has hinted at more updates in the pipeline, promising players an ever-expanding and immersive experience in the lush Amazonian setting of Green Hell. With ongoing support and content additions, Green Hell continues to captivate survival enthusiasts, ensuring its place as a prominent title in the genre.

Previous updates for Green Hell include content updates like Building Update, Animal Husbandry Update, and Spirits of Amazonia Part 1 & 2. Green Hell also received a VR version, console release, and a Board Game.

Have you played Green Hell, and will you be jumping back into the game to try out the new Anteater Update? Let us know in the comments section below.

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