Green Hell Launches Animal Husbandry Update, Capybara Taming Feature

Green Hell Animal Husbandry

Creepy Jar has just launched the Green Hell Animal Husbandry update that brings many new features including the ability to tame and breed a number of game’s creatures. This includes the developer’s favorite, the capybara.

Having sold over 3.5 million copies of the game sold so far, this is a free update that is available for all players that can play the game on PC. In celebration of the news, Creepy Jar has also revealed that they have adopted Tenebris, the lone capybara at the Orientarium inside of Poland’s Łódź Zoo.

Check out the Green Hell Animal Husbandry update trailer below:

Animal Husbandry was announced as part of the game’s 2022 roadmap and included several new features that go far beyond the ability just to breed animals. With the newly added blowpipe weapon, you can hunt down a capybara, peccary, and tapir to safely tranquilize them, followed by taming them at the pens you create at your base.

Care for them, earn their trust, feed them, clean their living quarters, and maybe—if you have both a male and female in captivity—you’ll be able to breed them, as well. And of course, you can pet your newfound friends. In addition, you can also use the blowpipe weapon for defense against other animals and also human enemies to immobilize them instantly. However, the time they are unconscious will depend on their size.

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Besides the three new creatures, the update also introduces the ability to capture and breed bees keeping them in beehives where you can harvest all the valuable sweet honey.

Green Hell Animal Husbandry

Green Hell Key Features:

  • Face the Jungle – Survive in an authentic recreation of the amazonian jungle with its autochthonous flora and fauna.
  • Survive – Search, hunt, or run for your life from predators. Deadly animals are a threat you cannot underestimate; watch out for jaguars, crocodiles, scorpions, snakes, and frogs.
  • Immersive Exploration – Traverse across dense forest foliage, opening new exploration routes to find resources or build a shelter.
  • Tactical Tool Crafting – Challenge yourself to stay alive, crafting valuable tools to help you on your journey
  • Multiple endings – Unearth the puzzle pieces to track back Jack’s steps and crack open the mystery that led you into this mess of a Green Hell.

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