Green Hell is Getting Treehouses and More in Upcoming Building Update

Green Hell Building Update

It seems like developer Creepy Jar is not done with their amazing Amazon open-world survival game Green Hell just yet because another major update for the game is right around the corner. The new Building Update for Green Hell is arriving on January 23, 2023, and it brings brand-new buildings to the game such as treehouses and more. The Building Update was listed in Green Hell’s detailed roadmap revealed last year and fans were eagerly waiting for this new update to arrive.

Along with this, Creepy Jar also opened a pre-update beta or PUB to their dedicated players where they could share crucial feedback with the developer. So far, thousands of hardcore fans of Green Hell have joined in and around 39% of this list has declared that they have spent over 100+ hours on the game. Apart from this, the players also shared vital feedback with the developer who finalized the new Building Update based on that and also managed to get some cool new ideas for future updates as well.

Green Hell Building Update

Nothing is better for a developer to have a dedicated fanbase for their game and Creepy Hell is lucky when it comes to this because a lot of players are regularly playing the game and sharing feedback with them as well. The developer also has a good reputation with its fans as they term Creepy Jar a good developer who is dedicated to its community and actively listens to fan feedback. The new Building Update is adding tons of new content to the game as players will be able to build treehouses, build on water, and also update the in-game notebook.

Key features of the upcoming Building Update for Green Hell include:

  • Build your home in the trees – Utilizing a new Climbing Rope construction, players can head to the treetops to build their very own treehouse! Find the biggest tree around—covered with Indigo Blue Leptonia Mushrooms and Banisteropsis Vine—and assemble your two-story Wooden/Bamboo Treehouse and connect it via a Footbridge to other Tree Platforms.
  • Whatever floats your boat – The new Floating Frame platform will allow Players to build their abode up to 3 floors high right on the water.
  • 3-sided fun – Use new Wooden/Bamboo Triangular Frames to create a more unique home than ever before.
  • STAY OUT! – Keep out unwanted visitors with Wooden/Bamboo Doors.
  • More building material options – Bamboo and Wood everywhere! Build walls, roofs, and ceilings out of the material of your fancy.
  • Hit ‘em hard – No predator is safe when players wield the all-new Heavy Stone Axe.
  • Efficient building – Place more than one construction at a time to speed up your building process.
  • Revamped notebook – The player notebook is slimmer and more organized than ever.
  • Clear your path – Cut down big palms, logs, stumps, and branches to clear your path all through the Amazon.

Green Hell has released tons of updates since its initial release such as the Animal Husbandry update, Green Hell VR update, Spirits of Amazonia Part 1 and 2, console release, board game announcement, multiplayer update, and more. Creepy Jar has done one hell of a job in making Green Hell one of the best survival games available right now.

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What are your thoughts on Green Hell getting the new Building Update and will you be trying it out? Let us know in the comments section below.

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