Child of Light Director Says Sequel is Not in Development

Child of Light

Ubisoft’s Child of Light sequel has been teased a couple of times, though not officially announced. However, according to an interview with the game director, Patrick Plourde says he is not working on it.

Plourde was speaking to Videogame Chronicle where he says that the game is not in development at Ubisoft to his knowledge. However, he did add that the game is well formed in his head but isn’t being worked on.

Child of Light sequel was teased last year where the director of the game showed the original game on the Nintendo Switch, and tucked behind the console was a piece of note with the words “Child of Light 2.”

I know the major beats, the location, and that it would feature multiple protagonists. It would have two protagonists going on different paths in life with different motivations, linked by their friendship.

I don’t know if there’s a Child of Light 2 that is in production, Ubisoft is big, but I’m not working on it. Right now, I don’t think there’s a Child of Light 2 being produced… I’m not holding my breath.

His reasoning does not say that the game would not turn a profit, but that Child of Light 2 would not make as much money as the “games as a service” that Ubisoft is emphasizing right now. It does seem frustrating that Ubisoft would want to speed more resources only towards projects that rake in the most revenue.

Plourde has said to have developed a four-to-five-page document detailing the Child of Light prequel. It is about childhood friends that have grown apart as adults. The game would follow two protagonists who go down different roads in life but remain connected by their friendship.

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