BioWare Teases Dragon Age 4 At The Game Awards, The Dread Wolf Rises

The Dread Wolf Rises

BioWare has finally released a new teaser for a new Dragon Age game, after years of teasing and waiting that the Dragon Age fans had to endure. The teaser was shown at The Game Awards 2018 and is called The Dread Wolf Rises.

Aside from that, BioWare has not confirmed if it would be called Dragon Age 4. According to rumors, the game is still a long way away from being released. Regardless, it is still good to know that the Dragon Age brand is alive and in production.

BioWare’s executive producer, Mark Darrah wrote in a blog post:

“While we won’t be sharing any details for now,” Darrah wrote, “I can tell you we have been building a new team around a core of Dragon Age veterans, people I’ve worked with on Dragon Age, Jade Empire, and some of whom I’ve worked with since the Baldur’s Gate days.”

Unfortunately, BioWare is focused on Anthem for now, and is putting most of its effort into its launch next year. This suggest that the next Dragon Age game wont be coming any time soon. And you can write off 2019 as well since that will be the year of Anthem.

As it stands now, anything related to the release date is far from discussed at all. But still for some fans, just knowing that BioWare has not forgotten about the Dragon Age series should be enough to keep hope alive.

BioWare had earlier announced to present Anthem at The Game Awards, but the addition of this teaser related to Dragon Age, it is clear that BioWare will focus on the next Dragon Age after the release of Anthem.

The last dragon age game released was Dragon Age Inquisition. The game released November 18, 2014 on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Windows. The game continued solid formula of its genre and the game world was bigger than ever.

We cannot wait to see more about the next Dragon age game. There is a good amount of fan following on Dragon age games and the community cannot wait more to know on Bioware’s next project.

Do you think the teaser was officially for Dragon Age 4? Post your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

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