Battlefield V Company Coins Guide – Earn Quickly, Spend

Battlefield V Company Coins Guide

In this Battlefield V Company Coins Guide, we will guide you how to earn the company coins quickly. We will also guide you where you can properly spend the coins on. Our Battlefield V Company Coins Guide will help you understand Company Coins feature that EA DICE has brought in the game.

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Company Coins in Battlefield V is in-game currency. You can earn Company Coins in two ways in the game. One, you can purchase Company Coins with real world money as this is a micro-transaction feature in Battlefield V. Second, you can earn Company Coins in-game by completing certain assignments or tasks.

We will break it down for you how to earn the Company Coins in Battlefield V.


In Battlefield V, completing assignments grants you in-game Company Coins. Once you are on main menu of the game, click Assignments option there you will find two categories: Special Assignments and Daily Orders.

Special Assignments are from DICE and these assignments do not get refresh on daily basis. Once you will get to play the game, you will notice Basic Training of all classes in the game as a special assignment. Upon completion of assignments, each will earn you 200 Company Coins and all will get you a total of 800 Company Coins.

Battlefield V Company Coins Guide

Daily Orders refresh after every 24 hours. Every day, you will get to complete three daily orders. If you could not finish them within the same day, they will be refreshed after 24 hours. You can earn 100 Company Coins from each of Daily Orders. In a day, a total of 300 Company Coins can be earned before they get refreshed.

Daily Orders and not difficult and they usually take couple of hours to complete on per day basis. Special Assignments on the other hand are time consuming and challenging to complete.

Battlefield V Company Coins Guide

Level Up and Earn Company Coins

There is also a third method from which you can earn Company Coins. Simply leveling up allows you to earn Company Coins. Roughly, each level up grants you a total of 500 Company Coins and if you level up twice or thrice, the multiplier gets twofold or threefold of 500 Company Coins.

Where to Spend Company Coins in Battlefield V

Here is how you can spend your hard earned or bought Company Coins in Battlefield V.


For starters, navigate to ‘Armory’ option from main menu. You will find a wide range of cosmetic options available for you to buy. You can buy soldier outfits, new weapon skins and many other cosmetic upgrades for your company in Battlefield V from ‘Armory’.

NOTE: All the cosmetic upgrades for your company or weapons will not affect in-game performance of Battlefield V. These items are purely cosmetic and they do not provide any strategical advantage in the game.

Battlefield V Company Coins Guide

This concludes our Battlefield V Company Coins Guide and where to spend your Company Coins. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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