Battlefield V Firestorm Beginner’s Guide – Tanks, Weapon Tiers, Healing Items

Battlefield V Firestorm Beginner's Guide

In this Battlefield V Firestorm Beginner’s Guide, we will guide you on how you can begin playing the new battle royale mode Firestorm for Battlefield V. We will share some tips and tricks with you which will help you get acquainted with all game mechanics and how this battle royale differs from other traditional battle royale games in the market today.

Even if you are a battle royale veteran, our beginner’s guide will still help you get better at Firestorm as it brings a new mechanics into the mix. We have curated this Battlefield V Firestorm Beginner’s Guide so that you can easily jump in Battlefield V Firestorm and nab some few kills in your early matches by gaining an edge over your competition.

Beginner’s Guide – Battlefield V Firestorm

Our Battlefield V Firestorm Beginner’s Guide details everything that you need to know in order to start playing Battlefield V Firestorm.

Understand Weapon and Equipment Tiers

Battlefield V Firestorm has a wide variety of weapons and each weapon comes in three different levels or tiers. The most common weapons are green, level 2 weapons are blue and the best level weapons are purple. This goes the same for your equipment as well. You can check the level of the equipped weapon by checking the color of the ribbon near the icon of the gun on the lower-right side of the main screen.

As you find and equip better level weapons and equipment, you will get added bonuses along with increased damage such as better range, more ammo capacity, and improved armor piercing. Higher level equipment will also give you increased bonuses rather than lower level weapons and gear so you must always look for and equip higher level weapons.

For a detailed weapons list and inventory information, check out our Battlefield V Firestorm Weapons Guide.

Find and Equip Better Backpacks

Backpacks will increase your item capacity allowing you to pick up and store more items on the go. Finding higher level backpacks will make sure that you can always squeeze in some extra ammo or some more medkits with you and you leave as little useful items behind.

You must always look for better backpacks and increase your item carrying capacity because you never know when you might require that extra ammo or medkit in the battle.

Backpacks will increase your capacity by a considerable amount. The most common backpack will increase your capacity by 2, level 2 by 4 and the highest level backpack will increase your carrying capacity by six slots.

Always Carry a Weapon for Each Situation

You never know when you might be cornered in a tight spot or have to engage with a sniper at long range. To counter such situations, you must always carry a close range and a long range weapon with you. There are five different main weapon types, five secondary weapons types, and ten melee weapons in Battlefield V Firestorm but you can only carry 2 main weapons at one time.

Make sure that one slot is equipped with a close-range weapon and the second slot is equipped with a long range weapon and you know exactly which slot has which so that you can quickly switch to either one without thinking. For close range try to keep shotguns handy as they are the best in close encounters. For long range, go for assault rifles or sniper rifles. Always makes sure to keep two different weapons in your inventory. Having an anti-vehicle weapon is also beneficial.

Keep Healing Items Handy

Healing items must always be present in your inventory. You will need to use them nearly after every encounter unless you one-hit kill your enemy or they are very bad at aiming. Even if you win the fights in most cases, chances are that you will take some damage in the fights and you will need to patch up quickly before your next encounter.

Never leave picking up healing items until you are hurt. You must always find and keep some healing items handy in your inventory. Find and equip better backpacks so you do not have inventory issues and can easily stock a decent amount of healing items with you all the time. Always heal yourself after every encounter and never wait until your health trickles down to the last point.

Pick up Armor Vests

Nothing will help you take some extra damage in Battlefield V Firestorm than Armor Vests. Find and quickly equip them because they make a lot of difference in fights. A person wearing an armor vest is a lot more likely to survive in encounters than a person who is not. Armor Vests also come in three different levels. You must try and find to equip the best one possible. Level 3 armor vests provide you with the most protection.

Always Stock Up on Ammo

Ammo is equally important in Battlefield V Firestorm as the healing items. You must keep the required ammo by your weapons always in your inventory. Try to leave the ammo that you don’t need and focus on ammo for the weapons that you are currently holding. Also, you will find vehicle ammo and towable ammo in Battlefield V.

If you do not prefer using vehicles, then I will suggest that you skip picking up vehicle ammo as well however you must try to keep some handy because you never know when you might need to use a vehicle for a getaway or escape and having a little extra is always helpful. You pick up ammo for vehicles just you do for your weapons.

Find and Loot Strongboxes and Safes

You will find a lot of loot in Battlefield V Firestorm out in the wild but pretty much decent loot is found in these long orange loot boxes which are scattered around the map. Each strongbox when opened will give you three random items from inside them. They could range from common to high-level items.

Safes, on the other hand, have a greater chance of giving you high-level items. They might take a little more time to open but they are worth a shot. Each safe will give you much better items that you find in the wild or in the orange strongboxes. You must always keep your eyes peeled for these safes or strongboxes.

Try Your Luck with Resupply Points

Although I would not recommend heading to resupply points if you are just starting Battlefield V Firestorm, the resupply points will also give you amazing high-level items and weapons. You will often notice giant balloons dropping down on the map and all players will be notified when one is near them.

This makes these points high risk but high reward points because everyone will be heading to these points to get the loot. After reaching the point, you will need to capture it before the crates are unlocked. Defend against other players to capture it and unlock the crates. Expect heavy battles at such locations but if you do manage to get some loot from one, you will get some really amazing high-level items and weapons from a Resupply Point.

Open Bunkers to Get Tanks and High-Tier Loot

You will find bunkers scattered all around the map as well which contain the heaviest vehicles Tanks and other high tier loot although opening them is not easy at all. Each bunker requires two huge valves to be opened all the way to the other side of their current position. This will take a lot of time as the valves are extremely slow.

Each bunker’s door is made of two parts. Each valve only opens a single part of a bunker. If you open one door with a single valve, you will open one door and you can get inside the bunker and grab the high tier loot however you cannot take out the tank unless you open the second door as well using the second valve.

As soon as you start opening a bunker door, an alarm will go off letting everyone know around you that the bunker is being accessed so expect resistance as well. Everyone will want the high tier loot and especially the tank as it can become an ultimate killing machine in the hands of the right player.

For a detailed guide on all vehicles found in Battlefield V Firestorm, check out our Battlefield V Firestorm Vehicles Guide.

Also, check out our Battlefield V Firestorm Map Guide in which we will guide you on the best locations to land and finding the best loot in the map as well.

This concludes our Battlefield V Firestorm Beginner’s Guide. If you have some tips for us, fire them away in the comments section below.

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