Battlefield V Beginners Guide – Top 10 Essential Tips and Tricks For Beginners

Battlefield V Beginners Guide

In this Battlefield V Beginners Guide, we will guide you to learn some basic tips and tricks to play the game better. Our beginners guide will help you understand some core features in the game that DICE has changed in Battlefield V.

We have curated this Battlefield V Beginners Guide, in which we will explain basic in-game features for starters. Battlefield V comes with many small changes that are not present in previous games of the series.

Battlefield V Beginners Guide with Top 10 Tips and Tricks

  1. Squads: In Battlefield V, you can perform excellent if you work and fight together within a squad. We highly suggest you to join a squad once you are into a multiplayer match. Squads help you secure an objective, team play in squad is another aspect you should not neglect if you want to win a match.
  2. Class Diversity: Battlefield V supports 4 different class system. You can choose to be any one from Support, Medic, Recon or Assault. Class diversity is very important in Battlefield V. Once you are in a squad, try to pick a hero that is already not taken. If any one is a Medic, you should go with Assault or Support to perform better in Battlefield.
  3. Use Your Class Gears: In Battlefield V, each class comes with different gears. Medics can revive, Assault hits heavy, Support throws ammo pouches and Recon does the best reconnaissance. We highly suggest you to use specific gear abilities of your classes. You squad performance will be increased if there is diversity in it and each member is playing it properly. Also, using your specific gear abilities will grant you in-game points, even if you do not get a kill.
  4. DO NOT RUSH: In Battlefield V, there are numerous small changes that will discourage you to not rush in the game. For one, the limited amount of health recovery will push you to play it nice and easy. Rushing in the game will only cost damage to your team, you will die frequently. We highly suggest you to avoid rushing in Battlefield V.
  5. Health: In previous Battlefield games, once you ran low on health and take cover, it replenishes back to 100%. Battlefield V changes the formula and now you can not get 100% health back by just ducking in the corner. On every spawn, you will be allowed to carry limited health pouches, upon getting damage, you can use the pouch to get 100% health back. A small amount of health will replenish if you take cover and wait for short time, but it will not go to 100%.
  6. Bleed Out Feature: In Battlefield V, once you ran out of health, you will be downed and start bleeding out. You will be left with two input prompts on screen, either to fasten the bleed out time or call out nearby medic for help. We highly suggest you to avoid the former unless you do not find any medic running around you.
  7. Vehicles: Vehicles are a fantastic addition in Battlefield series. However, if you do not know how to pilot the vehicles, we will suggest you to avoid them at first place. But, if you are a veteran player of Battlefield series, then vehicles will be your favorite assault weapon. In Battlefield V, the in-game engine allows you to demolish small houses and other environmental blockages that restrict you and your squad advancement in the battlefield. Your tanks will now be able to ram right from house to house, clearing a path for your squad to follow on from one objective to the other.
  8. Fixed Weapons in the Map: In Battlefield V, each map is full of fixed weapons that can make kills very easy. These weapons are artillery, mounted guns, and turrets. You can score some good points by killing enemies easily with turrets or damaging tanks using mounted guns or better taking down planes from the sky using artillery.
  9.  Upgrade Your Weapons: In Battlefield V, upgrades for your weapons are vital tool to outperform your foes in battlefield. Once you have played a good amount of time with a specific class, you will notice the upgrade features that you can buy for it. Upgrade your weapons as they have serious impact when fighting in the field. Upgraded weapons will offer you reduced recoil or reduced bullet drop. All in all, you and your squad will perform significantly better than your foes if you upgrade the weapons and hit your opponents hard in battlefield.
  10. PTO: PTO or Play The Objective is the last tip for you. You should play the objective instead of roaming around aimlessly, rushing and damaging score points of your team. If you are not a part of any squad, then you should tag along a squad or a group of random 3-5 heroes. You will contribute in playing the objective and it will impact the performance of your team.

This concludes our Battlefield V Beginners Guide and top 10 essential tips and tricks for you. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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