Atlas Beginner’s Guide – Gather Resources, Level Up Skill, Claim Land

Atlas Beginner's Guide

In this Atlas Beginner’s guide, we will show you how to can begin with the game by understanding the basics of how you should begin your adventure in this massive open world game.

In this guide we will highlight all the essentials that you will need in order to secure your first base. Atlas is very similar to ARK: Survival Evolved, and if you have played the game, you will pretty much know how everything works. However, if you are new to all this, our guide will get you up to speed.

Atlas Beginners Guide

Below we will show you how you can you can gather basic resources like food and water. Other Resource items like wood, meat, and hide. And finally we will show you how you can claim your own  land and build your own raft.


Survival in Atlas is a key factor in your gameplay, as it revolves around you gathering resources to build small items. There are many resource materials that can be found and used in crafting many items. The Jungle provides you a great place to gather wood, bushes, berries etc.

Other resources like stones and rocks can also be picked up, that can later be crafted into specialized tools. When you reach your first level by completing essential tasks, you can access blueprints to craft tools like pickaxe, hatchet, clothes, bed and torch.

By the help of these tools, you can efficiently and quickly gather more resources. The pickaxe and hatchet are the best tools in this matter. Pickaxe is a tool that is best in gathering stone, metal, thatch and flint. Hatchet is great for wood, hide and meat.

Food and Water

Survival is all about getting basic necessities like food and water in Atlas. If you want to stay alive, then maintaining a good balance between food and water should be your first priority as a beginner.

Food can be taken by taking down animals and collecting their meat. To hunt animals, you need basic weapons like a spear to take down lower level animals like cows. Get a spear blueprint from selecting “Tools of the Trade in the Survivalism skill tree.

With the spear crafter, you will now be able to take down level 2 cows anywhere you find them. Spear the cows, and harvest the carcass for meat with your hatchet. The meat can then be eaten or stored in your inventory.

Meat can also be cooked to make it that more better in giving you the edge in survival. Unlock the cooking skill under Structure > Cooking in your inventory, and put the meat in your campfire’s inventory to cook the meat. Meat that is cooked gives you more health and can be stored for a longer time.

You don’t necessarily have to be a meat eater to survive in Atlas, as you can gather berries from plants and eat them too. They are a quick health boost that does not require any cooking, and will keep you from getting sick by eating the same food over and over again.

Water can be accessed very easily in Atlas, you spawn near many water sources that you can collect water from and store. You will probably see a sign that says Water. Follow the sign and drink the water. This does not apply with ocean water as that is not drinkable in the game.

Water can be stored in animal skin. For this you need to unlock the Water Keeper skill from the Survivalism tree, which will give you access to the Waterskin blueprint. This blueprint will allow you to store water from wherever you gather it from.

Building and Claiming Land

You can start building a base when you first unlock Construction from the Survivalism skill tree. This will allow you to access the Construction tree where you will now have access to The Basics of Building and Handyman. These are the two skill sets that help you build or repair a base of your own.

With the skills unlocked, you will now be able to craft anything from doors, walls, roofs to gather and protect anything that you store in a built structure.

Finding a spot and making it your own home can be done by pressing F1 to start a land claim. This might take some time, as many other players would have a claim on the land, but eventually with time you will get to claim your own land.

Claimed land allows your resources to degrade slower than in other open area, and allow you to build a small house with a door and chest in it, and also game saving ability.


For a beginner to experience the first time at sea in Atlas, your best bet is to get a starter raft that can be traded with some cache from the Shiyardsman, who will be on the dock close to your spawn.

Controls for the Raft can be accessed by pressing E for basic sailing controls. Though the raft is pretty much uncontrollable and not as good as a ship, it at least gets you somewhere from the sea.

That is all that you need to know if you are just starting with Atlas. Hopefully with a few basic instructions you can get up to speed in the vast open world of Atlas.

This concludes our Atlas Beginners Guide. Feel free to comment below.

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