Starlink: Battle for Atlas Digital Edition Free to Play on Xbox One Until April 22

Starlink: Battle for Atlas Free

Ubisoft has announced that Starlink: Battle for Atlas Digital Edition is free to play for everyone starting today and all the way till April 22, 2020. During this free play period, players can download and play the game and all progress made during this time in the game will be carried forward to the full game if purchased after the free play period.

You should note that for this free play window, you do not need to have Xbox Live Gold. If you have an Xbox One, you can simply head over to the store and try out the game now for free. The free play period includes the Digital Edition of the game which comes with 4 Starships, 6 pilots and 12 weapons that can be swapped out at any time according to the battle requirements of the game allowing players to land powerful combos on their enemies.

Originally designed to be playable with the physical attachments, Starlink: Battle for Atlas comes with different weapons, pilots and weapons that can be attached on a special Joy-Con dock which changes configuration inside the game according to changes made by players on this Joy-Con dock. Different ships, pilots and weapons can be purchased separately on in the form of packs which can be later accessed in the game by syncing them with the Joy-Con dock.

The Digital Edition of the game removes the requirement of these physical pilots, ships, and weapons and includes everything digitally so that players do not have to sync them again and again for non-stop continued play sessions. If you’ve never heard of Starlink: Battle for Atlas before, it is an open-world space saga that includes many different planets for you to explore.

You have a wide variety of pilots, ships and weapons at your disposal and all of them can be used at any time thanks to a versatile switching mechanic allowing you to create combos by equipping compatible weapons together with each other. Each ship and pilot comes with its own unique attributes as well allowing you to have your very own build as you explore planets and destroy massive Dreadnoughts in the space.

You can head over to Ubisoft’s page and check out all the different ways by which you can play Starlink: Battle for Atlas.

Are you looking forward to playing Starlink: Battle for Atlas during its free play window on Xbox One? Let us know in the comments section below.

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