Jump Pads Have Begun Appearing in Apex Legends

Apex Legends Jump Pads

Jump Pads have begun showing up in game in Apex Legends as many players reportedly spotted and have used them. The jump pad is supposedly the ability of the upcoming and rumored legend known to be as Octane.

The jump pads look very similar to the ones that were shown in the leaks about the new character to join the list of legends in the game. Octane, the new legends will apparently have an ultimate ability that places jump pads on the ground that anyone can use to jump a short distance, after briefly staying airborne.

The leaks also mentioned a release date for the legend Octane, that was supposed to be on 12 March, though that didn’t turn out to be true. But that could be because of  Respawn pushing the dates further to work more on the Battle Pass for Apex Legends. The battle pass is supposed to come out this month, however no confirmed date has been announced by Respawn.

Jump Pads have started to show up near Market, and you can go there to try them out yourself. Many players and streamers online have experimented with the jump pads, that seem to be fixed on the ground.

A video by a YouTuber called Skeltano can be seen below:

The pads work just like you expect them to work like. Stepping on one will launch you into the air, while running towards them and jumping off from one can launch you to greater distances.

Developer Respawn Entertainment has yet to say anything about the addition of the items in the game, however this may be clue that we are getting close to a battle pass announcement. Which also means that new Legends will be joining in the game as well.

Have you tried the jump pads in Apex Legends? Do you think they are related to Octane? Let us know in the comments below.

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