A Little to the Left Seeing Stars Expansion Announced for June 25 Release

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Fans of the cozy clean-up puzzler A Little to the Left have something new to look forward to. Developer Max Inferno and publisher Secret Mode have announced the release of the second premium expansion, A Little to the Left: Seeing Stars. The expansion, revealed at Day of the Devs, will be available on PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, and PS4 starting June 25.

A Little to the Left: Seeing Stars takes the game’s charming organizational gameplay to new heights with an emphasis on multiple solutions for each puzzle. Players can collect up to 100 stars as they navigate through 38 new levels. These levels offer a variety of ways to tidy up the house, incorporating actions like folding, flapping, crushing, joining, sticking, bouncing, stacking, strumming, and even smashing items to achieve both straightforward and more complex solutions. The expansion promises an engaging experience with new challenges and adorable surprises along the way.

Check out the Reveal Trailer below:

One of the standout features of the new expansion is its focus on providing multiple solutions to puzzles. This approach encourages players to think creatively and experiment with different methods to complete each task. To support this, Max Inferno is upgrading the in-game hints system, ensuring that all players, whether they purchase the DLC or not, can access hints for every possible solution across all existing puzzles.

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Key features of A Little to the Left: Seeing Stars include:

  • 33 new levels featuring a mix of “multiple solution” puzzles and traditional organizational challenges.
  • 5 additional bonus levels.
  • 100 unique solutions to discover.
  • Levels with up to 5 different solutions, enhancing replayability.
  • Interactive items that players can fold, flap, crush, join, stick, bounce, stack, strum, and smash.
  • A variety of new and engaging puzzles.
  • A fresh original soundtrack.
  • An upgraded hints system for all solutions.
  • Layered levels with both easy and challenging solutions.
  • Multiple appearances by cute cats.

A Little to the Left: Seeing Stars

A Little to the Left and its first expansion, Cupboards & Drawers, are currently available on PC, Mac, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. Additionally, the game is accessible with Xbox Game Pass on console, PC, and cloud. The Seeing Stars DLC will join these platforms on June 25, offering fans a wealth of new content and puzzle-solving fun.

As the release date approaches, players can anticipate a delightful and immersive experience with A Little to the Left: Seeing Stars, which promises to bring new levels of creativity and charm to this beloved puzzle game.

Are you looking forward to jumping back into A Little to the Left to try out the new Seeing Stars DLC? Let us know in the comments section below.

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