20 Minutes of Devil May Cry 5 Dante Gameplay


Here at Tokyo Games Show we got to know lots of details of Devil May Cry 5. The game will release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on March 8, 2019.

The recent is a 20 minutes of Dante gameplay doing what he does best. Dante gameplay showcases his sick skills switching from sword to guns and then to his trickster melee attacks. Watch out the full video below courtesy of Gamespot.

Devil May Cry 5 features Nero, Dante and a third character that was revealed recently at Tokyo Games Show. So far we have seen gameplay of Nero and Dante, we do not know if the third character will be playable or not or how much depth he has in the story of the game.

We previously played with Nero and Dante in Devil May Cry 4. The game initially starts with Nero and later Dante picks up the story after Nero is subdued, spoiler alert.

Both of the characters in Devil May Cry 4 had unique skills and weapons, each with different combo style. Nero had unique devil breaker weapon that hits hard, while Dante had Ebony, Ivory and sword as starting weapons.

On the other hand, Dante received unique weapons while defeating bosses in Devil May Cry 4. It will be interesting to see more of those unique weapons in Devil May Cry 5.

Dante Gameplay

Devil May Cry 5 story picks up right where Devil May Cry 4 ended. The last game came in 2008, with Devil May Cry 5 coming out in 2019, more than a decade. The deluxe editions costs $70 USD which comes in with a lot of in-game weapons and items.

Also, we get to know that the game will feature Coop multiplayer. The information was provided in the description of Devil May Cry 5 Deluxe edition. It also suggest that up to two or three players will be able to use the feature.

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