Yoshi’s Crafted World Costumes Unlock Guide – How to Unlock All Costumes

Yoshi’s Crafted World Costumes

In this Yoshi’s Crafted World Costumes Unlock Guide, we will show you all the ways you can get the costumes for the different Yoshi in the game. There are plenty of costumes in the game, that not only are aesthetically cute, but also provide you resistance from damage.

Costumes also come in different rarities, that provide different amount of damage protection for Yoshi. Common costumes give you three shields of damage before they break, rare give you four while super rare gives you five shields of damage.

Costumes are never lost when you lose them in a level, as they remain in your inventory and ready to put back again when you exit the level. Other than protecting you from damage, costumes are a cute collection item that will surely attract players to collect as many as they can.

Yoshi’s Crafted World Costumes Unlock Guide

Below we have detailed all the ways you can unlock the costumes in Yoshi’s Crafted World.

Gachapon Machines

Perhaps the most easiest and common way you will acquire costumes in the game is by using Gachapon Machines. This is where you will be spending majority of your time to get the costume you want. Almost every costume that is in the game is acquired through these machines.

Gachapon Machines are located in the various worlds of the game. Each Gachapon has 10 costumes in it and you will get one fore every use of the machine. In the early part of the game, the machines will cost 100 coins for a play, while increasing to 150 later on in the game.

Gachapon machines do not give you duplicate costumes ever, which means you can get the better rarity costumes within 10 tries. All you have to do is keep dispensing the machines until they are empty. So while you have to farm a little coins to collect them all, you wont necessarily have to grind through the levels only to be rewarded by duplicates.

Using amiibo

A handful of costumes in the game can be obtained by tapping amiibo. In the game, you have small number of compatible amiibo that will drop you unique costumes, and almost all other amiibo will drop you an amiibo box costume, if you do not already have one.

The following costumes can be obtained from the amiibo:

  • Mario amiibo will give you Mario costume
  • Luigi amiibo will give you Luigi costume
  • Peach amiibo will give you Peach costume
  • Bowser amiibo will give you Bowser costume
  • Yarn Yoshi will give you different colored Yarn Yoshi costume.
  • Yoshi
  • Toad
  • Koopa Troopa
  • Poochy

Smiley Flowers

Among all the other costumes in the game, and the ones that you can get from Gachapon Machines and amiibo, there is just one costume that can only get this costume once they have collected all the Smiley Flowers in the game.

This costume is the Sundream Stone costume that can be taken from the NPC in Hidden hills who asks for all the Smiler Flowers in return.

To get the costume, you need to do the following tasks:

  • Collect all Smiley Flowers from all levels
  • Collect 100 coins for Bonus Smiley Flowers
  • Collect all Hearts
  • Collect all Red Coins
  • Collect all Flowers obtained from all Poochy Pups in each level before the time limit
  • Collect extra flowers from finding souvenirs

When you have all the flowers, go to the NPC in Hidden Hills who will give you the super rare Sundream Stone costume.

This concludes our Yoshi’s Crafted World Costumes Unlock Guide, feel free to comment below.

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