Xbox One Version of Battlefield V Pre-Load Available, PC Version To Start Next Month

Xbox One Version

Battlefield V releases November 20, 2018 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC Origin platform. The game had open beta testing in September and fans of the Battlefield community did not like how Battlefield V was turning out. Developers pushed the release date for a month to address and tweak some major changes for final version of the game.

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The Xbox One version of Battlefield V has started pre-load. Those of you who have bought the game can start downloading the game right now. The pre-load size on Xbox One version is ofΒ 31.89 GB.

The PC Origin platform version of Battlefield V pre-load will start in next month, precisely on November 7. If you own origin access premium edition you will get the game for free. If not, you can straight away go to Origin store and buy the game now.

There is no announcement on availability of pre-load feature for Battlefield V on PlayStation 4 version of the game. Usually, the pre-load of PlayStation 4 games start 2-3 days before release date. That is however not always the case, as we have seen recently Red Dead Redemption 2 pre-load, which started a week before the release date of the game.

Sony PlayStation will soon announce the official date for pre-load. Meanwhile, all you can do is wait or buy the game whenever the pre-load starts.

Daniel Berlin who is the franchise design director at DICE in an interview to Eurogamer has revealed that last War Story featured in the main campaign of Battlefield 5 will come out in December 2018 and it will be based on a German Tiger platoon and the missions will show the scope of World War 2 from their perspective.

Did you participate in Battlefield V open beta? Share you experience with us in comments section below.


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