Warhammer: Chaosbane Mage Fire Build Guide – Level 50 Build, Insane Fire Damage

In this Warhammer: Chaosbane Mage Fire Build Guide, we will show you how you can go for the Level 50 Mage fire build for your character in the game. This build will allow you insane amounts of damage with reduced consumption of energy. This build with the right skills will take a very long time to drain energy, which is not usually the case otherwise.

The High-elf Mage skills are specific abilities that are special to the High Elf Elontir. While the mage focuses on fire and magic damage, our build is mostly about fire damage, and we will equip fire basic skills to Elontir.

Warhammer: Chaosbane Mage Fire Build Guide

Below we have listed all the best skills you need for the Mage Fire build for Elontir. These skills will allow you a huge amount of DPS. In addition, we will also guide you on how to play with this build and use the skills to your advantage.

Mage Fire Build – Skills

Below are all the Basic, God, Passive and other skills that you will require for this build.

Tier 2 Aqshy Missile – Superior

Since this is a Fire build, this is the basic skill you require. This skill allows you to cast a projectile to create a fiery explosion on contact with the enemy or on impact. This also burns enemies and sets the ground on fire. In addition, it also generates 10% energy. This skill is good to use here because it provides you some range, and setting things on fire is an added bonus.

Tier 3 Phoenix Bulwark – Mastered

This is another skill that works like a charm in this build. Unlock the Tier 3 of this skill, and it will produce a wall of flame that damages any enemy that comes in contact. The ability that this skill provides, allows you some breathing space while continuing the insane amount of damage by using the Breath of Fire skill that we will talk about next.

Tier 3 Breath of Fire – Mastered

This skill is the key in this build, and it works really well when paired with the wall fire that you can produce with the previous skill we have mentioned. It has insane DPS with more than 12,000 damage, while the firewall deals more than 5,000 damage.

This skill allows you to send a blast of fire that damages and burns enemies. You can control the direction of the flame, as long as you have the energy. While this skill drains your energy pretty fast, we have more skills listed below that not only slow down your energy consumption to a ridiculously low amount, it also regens faster.

Tier 1 Aetheric Storm

This skill is to stun enemies, especially larger ones that you can stun and follow up with the Aether Blast that we will talk about next. It summons a lightning strike that damages and has a chance of stunning enemies.

Tier 2 Aether Blast – Superior

When we talk about the God Skills, this is the one that you want as it deals additional fire damage, if your build is already not enough. It is great in taking down larger bosses or enemies as it throws a fiery totem that explodes after a few seconds. It not only deals massive amounts of damage, but also sets the ground on fire.

Tier 3 Concentration – Mastered

This is a passive skill that also regens your energy. While it does not recover energy as the other skill we will talk about next, it does help. The main reason to use this skill for when you go to a Relic Dungeon. This is because you always take damage in the dungeon, so this skill is very vital in this matter.

Tier 3 Master of the Winds – Mastered

Now then, you need a lot of energy regeneration from all the fire damage you deal with your Breath of Fire skill. With this Passive God skill, your energy recovers faster as it gives 40% more maximum energy.

Tier 3 Aqshy Mastery – Mastered

This skill is also very useful with this build, as it increases the fire damage and each nearby enemy has increased chance for a critical hit. So it allows you more damage as it a passive fire skill.

Tier 1 Step Between Worlds

This is another skill that will allow you more mobility, especially when avoiding larger enemies. This is a teleporting skill that allows you to move somewhere else in the area, very quickly. The mobility will allow you to evade packs of enemies or larger enemies that have speed.

How to Play With Mage Fire Build

The main skills in this build are the Tier 3 Phoenix Bulwark – Mastered, and Tier 3 Breath of Fire – Mastered. The firewall skill allows you some space between enemies as they can get any close to you. Compliment this ability with your devastating breath of fire from behind the wall to deal massive amounts of damage. It is ridiculous how easy it makes taking down a large group of enemies or even larger enemies.

What is best is that your energy drains so slowly that you can continue breathing fire as much as you want, and you can spread the flame wherever you want. Just make sure you have the firewall in front of you so you can keep the enemies from reaching you. If I counted the seconds, the breath of fire skill stays active for more than 20 seconds.

When your energy level starts to drain, all you have to do is use your basic skills that will regen your energy very fast. This will only take a couple of seconds to regen your health if you hit the enemy with your basic skills.

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This concludes our Warhammer: Chaosbane Mage Fire Build Guide. Feel free to comment below.

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