Warhammer: Chaosbane Boss Battles Guide – How to Defeat All Bosses

Warhammer: Chaosbane Boss Battles

In this Warhammer: Chaosbane Boss Battles Guide, we will show you how to defeat all the bosses of each Acts in the game. We will detail all the ways each boss will fight you and how they use the battle arena for their attacks and phases of attacks.

We will also guide you how you can avoid their attacks, what your overall strategy should be, and what to use as your advantage in each fight.

Warhammer: Chaosbane Boss Battles Guide

Below we have detailed all the main bosses in the game, and how you can defeat them.

Boss # 1 – Great Unclean One

This is the first boss you encounter in the first Act and is quite tough to beat considering that it is an early stage boss.. Defeating this boss will also conclude the first act of Warhammer: Chaosbane. The Great Unclean one fights in three phases, where each new phase will bring in a new attack that you have to deal with.

The first attack he produces is by dropping a line in front towards you and smashes the ground. This is a big overhead slash with his ugh the sword that deals a lot of damage and also stuns you. While the attack goes all the way to the end of the arena, you can dodge its attack by simply going to the left or right.

There are also pillars around that are vital if you want to avoid poison damage that the boss sends towards you. As this attack does a lot of damage, its best to stay out of it as much as possible. Use the pile of rubble to stay out form the poisonous vomit. The only problem is that if the pile is destroyed, there is no way to acid the poison damage. It’s best to run away as soon as you can so that the boss does not line them up to destroy the pile of rubble.

At some point, the boss will raise its hands and place a line of poisonous spikes that he uses to cover himself. While he does not attack during this phase, other smaller enemies spawn and you are kept busy to fight them. Also, the boss is immune at this stage. He will also start producing rocks that start falling from the roof of the cave that deals a lot of damage, so its best to keep out of their direction of fall.

Boss # 2 – Bloodthirster

Bloodthirster has a few different mechanics than the previous boss. The first attack this boss performs is that he is going to fly to the ceiling where you will see a red ring around the center. Then he comes smashing to the ground. Best way to avoid this is by running back to the entrance to avoid this attack.

Next thing you will find is the blood fountains all around the arena. These provide the Bloodthirster with immunity. You need to destroy these to drop his immunity, otherwise, you can’t do any damage to him during this phase. Also, if you do not destroy them now, he will put protective cages around them.

The second phase of the attack brings fire around the arena. It is also more of a one-on-one fight with the boss. His attack will be the same as flying to the ceiling and come smashing down towards you. Another attack in the phase is when he puts a red ring around you and waits to pounce on you. You have to time and dodge this attack to avoid receiving any damage.

The third phase brings an additional ring of fire in and around the arena. Making the battle area smaller and much close to the boss. But the fight remains the same, and you should be able to take the boss down if you can dodge its attacks.

Boss # 3 – Keeper of Secrets

This boss is quite fast but lacks in a lot of attack variants in her battle.  The first thing she does is that she sends pink balls that bounce all over the map, slow down and deal a significant amount of damage.

The next thing she does is send out purple aura, in addition, the pink orbs. These aura summon more enemies and your priority should be takin down the enemies, otherwise, you can be quite caught up with everything.

She also summons her totems that not only make her immune but also heals her, so you need to destroy all of these totems. If you fail to destroy the totems, her health will fully regain but won’t go back to the previous phase.

She will then send off waves of small clouds that deal a large amount of damage. it can be quite hectic in addition to her pink orbs. Best way to do this is to stay on the wall to the left of the stairway and avoid the incoming waves by moving left or right.

Boss #4 – Lord of Change

This boss has a lot of stuff going on but is easier than the rest of the bosses. The first couple of things that this boss does is teleport around the area, and produce flames dish out massive amounts of damage. Make sure you dodge them as they also follow you. Best way to deal with these is to just run around and try to dodge their landing trajectory.

The next attack this boss produces is a beam of purple light and rocks falling from the ceiling. The purple beam follows around wherever you go, while you have to dodge the rocks falling from above. The rocks will slow you down, but the beam of light can be devastating as it deals a lot of damage.

Now he will produce two copies of himself, which will seem like you are now fighting three identical bosses. You have to find out which boss is the original and damage it to make the clones disappear.

The last thing he does is produce totems while having vanished himself. The totems will be protected by some smaller enemies that you need to take out to destroy the totems. Once you have destroyed all the totems, the boss will be defeated.

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This concludes our Warhammer: Chaosbane Boss Battles Guide. Feel free to comment below.

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