Transmission Sets You to Mid 80s, Mail Deliveries and Nocturnal Driving With Rain and Music for Mood Enlightenment


Transmission game is work in progress by UK developers Sea Green Games. The game started nearly this year in February and it is currently in the development. The first concept idea as mentioned in a tweet about Transmission was ‘a cosy game about driving on a motorway night’. We finally have a teaser trailer of the game and it looks fantastic.

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The trailer gives you initially an impression that Transmission game is all about mail deliveries, nocturnal driving with music and rainy environment as sole purpose that keeps you going. Sea Green Games mentioned Transmission as a mix of jalopy and Euro Truck Simulator. Watch here the teaser trailer and feast your eyes on the beautifully created open world of Transmission game.

Since the game is set in mid 80s, there are no satellite navigation for you to go from point A to point B. You will be left to find your way using traditional old approach of following the signposts on highway. Complete the delivery each time and earn the rewards.

Once you have earned your rewards, you will be able to spend it by the end of night. You will be required to unlock new garages and cars. These are required so that you can travel further and complete more tiresome and bigger jobs while driving in the night.


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From the teaser trailer shown above, it is clear that Transmission game will support a photo-mode feature. We suppose the photo-mode to be in the game starting at launch. The game already looked beautiful and with the addition of photo-mode feature, there will be no stopping to aesthetic photo shooting in the game.

The game is available right now on Steam platform and it mentions Q1 2020 as the release date. It is clear at this point that the game will not release in 2019, unless Sea Green games want it to.

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