Trainer Battles Are Coming to Pokémon Go, PvP Update Coming Soon

Pokémon Go

Niantic has announced after a series of teaser posts that Trainer Battles or PvP is coming to Pokémon Go in a future update. This was a long awaited feature by fans and they have been asking forever to fight other trainers in the game. Their wish is finally getting fulfilled as a future update will bring PvP trainer battles to the game soon.

Below is the official tweet announcing the update.

Ever since the game came out, fans have been wanting to fight other Pokémon Trainers around them and they were asking the developers to implement the feature in the game. Initially when they came out, it only focused on catching Pokémon and there was not much else that players could do in the game.

The developers however were listening to their fans and were continuously churning out new features for the game such as the adding new generations of Pokémon with the latest being Gen-4 Pokémon recently added to the game. Pokémon Gym battles were also added to the game after its initial release but the most demanded feature still remained PvP Trainer Battles.

Now Niantic is finally bringing the feature to the game in a future update. The developers had earlier mentioned that they were planning to roll out the feature at the end of this year. The tweets have certainly confirmed that the feature is coming soon in an update. December has started and looks like the update will come out soon if the developers indeed want to release it this year.

Niantic Labs further provided more information about the Trainer Battles that players will be divided in three unique and different leagues. Players will need to choose a league before they can participate in Trainer Battles and each of the three leagues has a unique CP limit for the Pokémon.

The three leagues will be

  • Great League: 1500 CP limit per Pokémon
  • Ultra League: 2500 CP limit per Pokémon
  • Master League: No CP limit per Pokémon

The best players will be present in the Master League because they do not have any CP limit so expect fierce competition in Master League. Great and Ultra Leagues will give players a great way to hone their skills and make their Pokémon more powerful before jumping in with the big players.

Pokémon Go

Another new feature added to game after the initial launch was Pokémon Raids which allowed multiple trainers to team up and take down big Pokémon together. Since the game runs in real-time so adding Trainer Battles will really add a totally new experience for players to go out and jump back in Pokémon Go.

Are you excited about the new Trainer Battles coming to Pokémon Go? Let us know in the comments section below.

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