Total War: Three Kingdoms Treasury Guide – How to Make More Money

Total War: Three Kingdoms

In this Total War: Three Kingdoms Treasury Guide, we will show you how you can make more money in the game, to maximize your income and to grow your faction’s overall strength.

The treasury panel displays your income and expenses, granting you a useful overview of where your money is coming from and what you’re spending it on each turn. When you reach the faction rank of marquis, the tax slider in the treasury panel unlocks, enabling you to increase or reduce taxation across your commanderies in order to balance public order with tax income.

Total War: Three Kingdoms Treasury Guide

Below we will detail some ways that can fill your treasury in Total War: Three Kingdoms.

Commandery Settlements

Capitals are the heart of your faction’s infrastructure, the place where you’ll construct the many buildings that improve your economy, generate income, and bring benefits to your populace and armed forces.

The first thing you can do is look at the settlements in your commandery. Here you will see that there is a Trade Port, Teahouse and an Armor Craftsmen. Each one of these buildings will be marked by their respective colors:

  • Trade Port: Blue
  • Teahouse: Green
  • Armor Craftsmen: Purple

Upgrading Building Trees

This way you can build synergies in your capital to increase the benefits of your settlements according to these colors. With each turn, your trade port will generate 140 income. The main source of this income is commerce. There are many other different sources of income in the game that you need to be mindful of.

If you look at Tea House, you will see that it generates a further 130 income from commerce. Meanwhile, looking at Mail Post in your large town, you will see that it will also generate income from commerce, but provides an additional 25% bonus to commerce income as well.

Right-click on the Mail Post building will show you how each upgrade in these building trees provides the commandery further bonuses to income from commerce. As you upgrade all three of these building, you will be increasing your commerce substantially, with the bonuses synergizing across the entire commandery.

Appointing an Administrator

You can further increase your bonuses by appointing an administrator. You can do this by clicking the Administrator button above the name of the commandery, which will bring up a menu of individuals that you can choose from.

Here you will see that the first individual on this list will give you a wide range of bonuses. You can see then broken down on the right. Chose this individual that offers 40% increase from commerce, silk and spice sources. Select confirm to appoint this administrator to your commandery.

With these steps, you will be making significant amounts of more income per turn from commerce.

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This concludes our Total War: Three Kingdoms Treasury Guide. Feel free to comment below.

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