Microids Releasing Toki Remake For Nintendo Switch – Remake After 25 Years

Toki Remake

Microids are remaking Toki for Nintendo Switch console. The game is set to release November 22, 2018 in Europe. In North America, Toki remake will release December 4, 2018.

Toki Initially released in 1989 on arcade machines, this cult 2D action/platform was considered a difficult game back in the day. The game is now coming back on Nintendo Switch with new graphics and in-game music.

Microids also dropped a launch trailer of Toki remake that will debut on Nintendo Switch console. Check out the official trailer here.

Microids will bring new features to Toki remake. For one, there will be all new graphics and re-orchestrated music which will be a fresh experience than outdated graphics and music of original Toki that released 25 years ago.

Philippe Dessoly, artist for the original version of Toki on the Amiga, and well-known for his official drawings of UFO Robot and Captain Harlock, is the Artistic Director for this remake.

Pierre Adane has been entrusted with game development, while the music will be written by Raphael Gesqua, an experienced video game music composer. All three have already worked together on the game Mr. Nutz.

The Story of Toki is of a warrior who lived peacefully in the jungle with his sweetheart Miho. Appearing out of nowhere, the terrifying voodoo sorcerer Vookimedlo and heinous demon Bashtar kidnap Miho and turn the poor Toki into a chimpanzee!

The former warrior now must go on ultimate quest to save his sweetheart. He must now accept his new form and adopt his powerful jaw to spit strange projectiles at his enemies instead of traditional weapons designed for the warriors.

In his adventure, Toki finds objects that aid in his quest to save his sweetheart. The items are from a football helmet to a pair of flippers and snorkel.

Did you play Toki back in the day? Are you excited about the remake version of Toki ? Let us know more your thoughts in comments section below.

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