The Division 2 Weapon Talents Guide – All Talent Upgrades And Effects

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In this The Division 2 Weapon Talents Guide, we will detail all the weapon Talents in the game that can be equipped to buff your weapon abilities. Weapon Talents in the Division 2 work the same as the previous game, though they have become quite complicated.

Weapon Talents are passive abilities that are found on High-End weapons. They provide various special abilities that increase the potential of the weapon and granting you benefits with a weapon in combat.

In the game, every weapon that you have comes with a set of Talents that you can unlock after reaching certain requirements. These are the player stats in the game that are Offense, Defense and Skills.

Equipping gear on your weapons increases these stats. The more gear you equip, the more these stats add up in your favor.

Weapon Talents come in tiers. Each tier has a specific amount of talents a weapon can have. There is the Normal tier, the Superior tier and the High-End tier.

The Division 2 Weapon Talents Guide

Below we have listed all the weapon talents and their effect that they provide to a specific weapon in the game.

Normal Tier

All the talents in the Normal tier are listed below:


This talent offers you +15% Accuracy.


This talent increases your Rate of Fire by +10%, essentially increasing the RPM of the weapon.


This talent increases 15% of Optimal Range.


This talent allows your weapon to have more ammo capacity, increasing it by 20%

Jazz Hands

This talent allows your weapon to reload faster by increasing the speed of reloading by 10%


This talent increases your weapon handling by 15%


This talent provides your weapon 15% more stability.

Advanced Tier

All the talents in the Advanced tier are listed below:


This talent increase damage dealt by 10% and also blinds enemies.

Fast Hands

This talent allows 3% reload speed bonus with each Critical Hit you perform. The more Critical Hits you perform, the more your reload speed increases. The maximum number of critical hit stacks are 20, allowing youa maximum of 60% reload speed bonus


This talent deals +10% weapon damage to burning enemies.

In Rhythm

When you have this talent equipped, enemy kills will give you 5% chance to refresh Active Skill Cooldowns. This ability is available every 60 seconds.

Lucky Shot

This talent increases you magazine capacity, and any missed shots that you fire from cover have a chance to return to the magazine.


This talent increases the fire rate of the top half of your magazine by 15% but decreases weapon damage by 20%.

The bottom half of your magazine works the other way round by having 20% more weapon damage, but decreasing the rate of fire by 25%

Protected Reload

This talent when equipped will grant you 10% bonus armor while reloading.


This talent when equipped will allow you to recharge depleted skill charges if you kill enemies from cover.


This talent allows all of your skills damage and healing damage to increase by 25% when in cover. The buff has a duration of 25 seconds and will no longer work when you get out of cover. This talent can be used every 60 seconds.


This talent increases damage by 10% on enemies that are bleeding.


This talent increases 50% chances to refill the magazine when you kill a target.

Stop, Drop, and Roll

This talent allows you to removed burn, bleed and poison effects by rolling. You can activate this every 60 seconds.


This talent increases 10% weapon damage, but decreases your weapon handling by 50% if that is worth losing half of your weapon handling, and if 10% is sounds good to you, then go for it.


This talent removes blind and disorient status effect by staying in cover for 3 seconds.

Double Duty

The talent allows your holstered weapon to reload also when you reload your primary weapon.


This talent allows your holstered weapon to regenerate ammo while in cover.


This Talent allows you to swap weapons 10% faster


Any shock applied to your Agent can be transferred to the enemy within 10 meters. You can use this every 60 seconds


While holstered, you can resist 2 ensnare attempts made on you.

Superior Tier

All the talents in the Superior tier are listed below:


This talent allows you to stack up with 5% headshot damage increase to the next headshot you perform. this is increased by landing body shots on enemies, and the duration is for 10 seconds. You can stack a maximum of 10 stacks, that allow you a total of 50% headshot damage.

Close & Personal

This talent allows you 35% weapon damage for 5 seconds when you kill a target within 7 meters.

First Blood

This talent allows you to deal headshot damage to any part of the body with your first bullet.


This talent allows you 50% critical hit chance for 5 seconds when you kill an enemy with a critical hit.

On Empty

This talent allows you 30% weapon handling for 10 seconds when reloading from an empty magazine.


This talent increases your weapon damage as your ammo decreases in the magazine. This depends on the weapon type you are using also.


This talent allows you 5% Skills duration for 5 seconds when you headshot kill an enemy.


This talent allows repairs 5% of your armor when you kill an enemy. Headshot kills essentially repair your armor in 3 seconds.


This talent allows you to refill your magazine and grants you 50% weapon damage for 7 seconds when you perform 3 consecutive body shots.


This talent grants you 2% weapon damage every 10 meter that you are from the target.


This talent increases skill repair and healing by 25% for 25 seconds with headshot kills


This talent increases a stack of 10% weapon damage for 5 seconds with each headshot you perform. the maximum stacks you can get is 5, granting you 50% weapon damage in total. Any additional headshot increases the duration, while any non-headshot removes the bonus.


This talent grants 25% Skill Damage for 10 seconds with every headshot you perform.

Steady Handed

This talent allows you to stack a bonus of 2% weapon handling with each shot that you land on a target. The maximum stack is 15 which allows you 25% total weapon handling. At max stacks, each shot landed will give you a 5% chance to consume the weapon handling bonus and refill the magazine.


This talent increases 10% Critical Hit damage for every 5% of your armor that is depleted.


Killing an enemy with a status effect applied grants all group members within 15m +20% critical hit chance for 10s.

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