The Division 2 SHD Tech Guide – How to Get, Where to Find

The Division 2 SHD Tech

In this The Division 2 SHD Tech Guide, we will detail what SHD Tech are and how you can get them to unlock the various Perks and Skills in the game. SHD Tech can be collected as your progress through the game, and are necessary to get any sort of Perk or Skill that you want to acquire.

SHD Tech are points that can be used to unlock certain Skills or Perks. Though for Skills, you need to have the Skill unlocked in the first place, while tiers within the Skill can be unlocked with SHD Tech.

The Division 2 SHD Tech Guide

Below we have detailed the ways that you can get SHD Tech, as well as how you can open caches that contain these SHD Tech.

How to Get SHD Tech

There are basically three ways you can get SHD Tech in the game. The first is to level up, as each player level that you increase, will reward you with SHD Tech. When your agent’s player level rises, you will be rewarded with one SHD Tech. Every time you level up, a SHD Tech will be added to your inventory with a notification.

Side Missions are a great way to level up, as you get to defeat enemies and score more SHD Tech. Before you begin a Side mission, you can usually check what rewards you will get. Some Side Missions can give you more than 5 SHD Tech that you can collect after successfully completing a side mission.

The second way you can get SHD Tech is by completing missions. This is one of the simplest way you can get a handful of SHD Tech. You can track your activities and look at the mission rewards you get upon completion. Some missions reward you with as much as seven, while a very few missions reward you with thirty SHD Tech.

SHD Tech Caches

Other than being rewarded by completing missions and by leveling up, you can find SHD Tech in caches that can be found hidden all throughout the map or the region that you are. These can be hidden in alleyways or side streets.

Fortunately, you can tag an SHD Tech Caches from your map, and go to its direct location to collect the SHD Tech. Some of the caches are hidden behind locked fences, that can be shot down to collect.

The Division 2 SHD Tech

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