The Division 2 Raid Guide – Best One Shot Sniper Build, 5 Million Damage (New Meta)

The Division 2 Raid Sniper

In this The Division 2 Raid Sniper Build Guide, we will show you how to get the best sniper builds in the game, especially in the Operation Dark Hours Raid. Though you can build a weapon that suits your playstyle, we have also provided all the ways you can have the best sniper builds currently while playing the raid.

This guide will give you The Division 2 raid ready sniper build featuring the Nemesis sniper, which after the build will deal 5 Million Damage. The other weapon is the one-shot Marksman Rifle Model 700 which is a ridiculously powerful weapon.

The Division 2 One Shot Sniper Build For Raid

This build for the Nemesis sniper can deal 5 million damage to opponents, and even Elite Enemies don’t stand a chance. With this post-World Tier build you can go into raids, strongholds, and other PVE missions.

Below we have detailed what talents you should have on the weapons, what sidearm you should have, and what skills and gear you should equip for this build.

Sniper – Nemesis or Model 700

The primary weapon for this build is the Nemesis Exotic sniper or the Model 700. You should have the following Specializations, Skills, and Gear with this build:

Sharpshooter Specialization

  • One in the Head (Tier 5)
  • This is my Rifle (Tier 3)
  • Breath Control (Tier 3)


  • Healing Chem Launcher: Allows quick healing
  • Booster Hive: Increased movement speed
  • Deflector Drone: defensive options against other players using this build

Secondary Weapon

For the secondary weapon with this build, you can have weapons like the Double-Barrel Sawed-Off shotgun with the Preservation, Jazz Hands, and Overlap Talents.


For your Gear, you should use one Murakami Industries piece for a small health butt, but with a high Damage to Elites offensive attribute, and Hard Hitting Talent.

You should also use Fenris Chestpiece as it can have both an active and passive Talent. It has a Hard Hitting and Unstoppable Force talent which grants extra weapon damage after killing an enemy based on your max armor.

You also need Gila Guard Kneepads with the Hard Hitting Taller for the 5% buff to total armor. Lastly, you need the rest of the build to be made up of three Airaldi Holdings pieces with the Hard Hitting and Devastating Talents. Look out for Marksman damage and weapon damage attributes on these items.

Gear Talents

  • Hard Hitting: deals 15% extra damage to Elites
  • Devastating: Extra 5% weapon damage

Brand Sets

  • Murkami Industries
  • Airaldi Holdings
  • Fenris Group AB
  • Gila Guard

One-Shot Sniper Build – Model 700

This is the most powerful sniper build in the game so far, as it can melt any player instantly with one headshot. This also means that you need to be good with the Sniper as headshot are guaranteed one shot kill. The build is not so useful in PVE, but it is really good in PVP battles and a beast in Dark Zone.

Model 700

The primary weapon for this build is the Model 700 at World Tier 4. It is best to change the 12x scope for the CQBSS Scope (8x) as it allows your quicker aiming and close range damage.

Sharpshooter Specialization

These skills should be your priority when you are unlocking the Sharpshooter:

  • One in the Head (Tier 5)
  • Deft Hands (Tier 3)
  • Breath Control (Tier3)


  • Healing Chem Launcher: Allows quick healing
  • Booster Hive: Increased movement speed
  • Deflector Drone: defensive options against other players using this build

Secondary Weapon

You can have any weapon as your secondary with this build, as it honestly does not matter when you will be using the sniper mainly. So any decent weapon can work best.


You will want to maximize the Brand set “Airaldi Holdings” as it provides relevant bonuses to your marksman rifle. Make sure that you equip decent armor and gear of at least Epic or High-End tiers that give more weapon damage, Headshot Damage and Critical Hit Damage.

Any other equipment you put can be of other brands, however, you will want to use these to either bolster your damage output more or provide more health for you. The fewer attribute rolls you have, the higher individual buff they give to the one wearing it. Marksman Rifle damage is best.

Equipping any mods to the gear should emphasize weapon damage, so you would want to use the mods that make this possible. If you have something that has Hardened as a talent, you can get a defensive boost.

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This concludes our The Division 2 Sniper Build Guide for the Raid. Post your comments below.

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