The Division 2 Raid Boss Guide – How to Beat Buddy and Lucy

The Division 2 Raid

In this The Division 2 Raid Guide, we will show you how you can fight the bosses in the third encounter of the Operation Dark Hours raid of the game. In this fight, you encounter two bosses who are Buddy and Lucy

After you have defeated Boomer Bailey in the first encounter, followed by Ricochet, Dizzy, and Weasel in the second encounter of the raid, you can then go to the third encounter of new bosses. This fight will introduce you to two robot Warhounds called Buddy and Lucy

The Division 2 Raid Guide

Below we have detailed how you can defeat Buddy and Lucy in the third encounter of the Operation Dark Hours raid. You will find both these robots in the shops.

How to Defeat Buddy and Lucy

Buddy and Lucy are two very powerful Warhounds that require teamwork and coordination in order to take them down. Before you begin the fight, you should know what Buddy is a healer and Lucy has the highest DPS.

Both the robots will be found in an area with the two opposing shops, while in the center will be two laptops with a screen and countdown timer. Both the bosses share an Overcharge window that changes depending on their health bars and length of the fight. You can prevent Overcharge by using laptops.

When you notice a white box over both Buddy and Lucy’s health bars, it means that they are in Overcharge. Both bosses’ armor bars must remain within this window at all times. Here, sustained DPS is recommended rather than one large burst. When the window is exceeded in either direction, ISAC will warn you about the massive overcharge. This is where you need two players to run to the center and interact with the two laptops in the center. If you do not do that, both Buddy and Lucy will heal completely.

Having their health too far apart in difference will prompt a warning of Overcharge from ISAC. This means that players will have to disable it from the laptops to stop this from happening or risk losing all the progress when both Buddy and Lucy have healed completely as a result of the Overcharge.

Both robots have different attacks. Lucy has a minigun that does a 360 attack and instantly melts and downs anyone not taking cover. It is best to have players watch out for her minigun attack and provide callouts for players to duck for cover.

On the other hand, Buddy throws out Seeker Mines. You can shoot the mines before they reach players or your team will be at the risk of being knocked out of cover and into the line of fire.

It’s best to have at least 5 players focused on Buddy, while 3 players focused on Lucy. Buddy needs more players on him because he can heal. Coordination of attacks is vital and your team should focus on dealing equal amounts of damage to both robots in unison.

Once the robots have less than 50% health, this is where Buddy will throw Seeker Mines to knock players out of cover and into the attack of Lucy’s minigun. You have to be careful of this attack, however, the most important thing is to never let them get their overcharge.

Once you have defeated Buddy, Lucy becomes an easy target and dies down pretty quickly. When you have defeated both the Warhounds, you will receive the following rewards:

  • FG Knaskydd Knee Protectors (gear score 500)
  • Tommy Gun (gear score 500)
  • Providence Police SW Backpack (gear score 500)
  • GiGa Armadillo Vest (gear score 500)
  • Aces Tania Silent Vest
  • Black Market TB21 (gear score 500)
  • Big Horn Pack – Gita Guard (gear score 500)
  • “Suneate” Knee Braces – Murakami Industries (gear score 500)
  • Modular Holster – Providence Defense (gear score 500)
  • Bogey Thigh Rig Blueprint – Negotiators Dilemma Gear Set
  • Jaivardhan Thigh Rig – Richter & Kaiser (gear score 500)

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This concludes our The Division 2 Operation Dark Hours Raid Guide. Feel free to comment below.

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