The Division 2 PC Crash To Desktop Fix, Unplayable On PC

If you have been playing The Division 2 on PC then chances are that you are getting repeated crashes that are messing with your experience. I have had these crashes since launch and while the did get better after an update, the latest update seemed to make things even worse. I could not play 15 minutes of The Division 2 without it crashing to desktop without any error whatsoever.

Fix The Division 2 PC Crash To Desktop

After going over Reddit and other forums I have seen that multiple people have been having the same issue and not much has happened in terms of fixing the issue. I was also a few of the people that experienced the SHD Tech Network reactivation bug and I had to start the game with a new character. So you can imagine my frustration but I seem to have figured out a fix.

The Division 2 PC

The first thing that I did was assign a single core to the easy anti-cheat system. You can do this in the Task Manager. Next, I went into the installation directory and switched all the .exe files to the administrator setting. This prevents the game from launching via Uplay and you will have to use the .exe files in order to launch the game.

Lastly, I launched the game and switched my Drone to Hive. There seems to be an issue with the Drone and it ends up crashing the game. A few Reddit users mentioned this but it does not seem to be a known issue. Once I did not have the Drone the game did not crash during my session until is closed it myself. If you are playing the game then you can check out our guides as well.

This fixed The Division PC crash to desktop issue for me. If you are not using the Drone or have some other issue that leads to a crash then this might not work for you but it is worth looking into. It might do the trick for you as well.

Let us know what you think about The Division 2 on PC and what your experience has been like so far.

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