The Division 2 Hunter Masks Locations Guide – How to Unlock All 12 Hunter Masks

The Division 2 Hunter Masks Locations

In this The Division 2 Hunter Masks Locations Guide, we will who you how to unlock all the Hunter Masks that can be found in the game. In total, there are 12 Hunter Masks that can be taken by fighting out as many Hunters as you can. These hunters spawn randomly throughout the entire map.

Hunter Masks are cosmetic items that you can apply to your character. They cover the entire face of your character, and take the place of your headgear if you decide to equip one on your Agent.

To get the Hunter Masks in The Division 2, you have to complete unique challenge in Survival, Resistance, Underground and Global Events like Assault and Strike. All you have to do is hunt down these Hunters, and they require certain actions for them to spawn in the open world.

The Division 2 Hunter Masks Locations Guide

Below we have detailed how you can unlock and get all the 12 Hunter Masks, and where you can find them in the game.

How to Unlock

There are a few requirements before you can actually get the Hunter Masks. First thing is that you need to be at least at player level 30, or you can party up with someone who is at level 30.

You also need to make sure that there are no enemy patrols around. So clear out enemies otherwise Hunters do not spawn where there is activity. Once you do that, a flash on your radar or static on the UI will warn you of their presence.

The 12 Hunter Masks that are found in the game are:

  • Ghost
  • Midas
  • Crimson
  • Death
  • Specter
  • Revenant
  • Cross
  • Phantom
  • Ghoul
  • Wraith
  • Diamond
  • Demon

Hunter Masks Locations

Below we have listed the location where you can find all the 12 Hunter Masks in The Division 2.

Ghost and Spectre Hunter Masks

To get these two masks, you have to start by first reclaiming the Control Point near the Washington Monument. Once you have done that, you need to go down the elevator shaft and go to the back of the room to the screen. Here you can interact with the screen to find three maps on the screen.

Your next task is to go to three locations. These locations are grave sites where you have to go and salute the grave monuments. The locations are detailed below:

  1. Flooded Levee Control Point: To get to the location you need to head south, and towards the right near the shipping containers. Here at the burial site, you have to salute the grave.
  2. Northeast of Washington Monument: To get to this grave site, you need to head to where the two circular paths meet on the map just north east of the monument. Head a little way to the west and face the monument where you will find the second site.
  3. Southwest of the Washington Monument: the third is near the clearing in the bushes next to the monument, and facing the “Unite” graffiti. The grave is by the bushes.

Once you have saluted all of the graves, return back to the Control Point, where a large orange circle will now show up at the screen. From here, you need to head west and under a sign that says Missing Persons. Look to the right and you will spot a crane and a Hunter sitting on a shipping container. Shoot the hunter with on shot if you want to get the mask

The Spectre mask can be found north from the monument where you can check the rooftops for the Hunter. Successfully shooting the Hunter with one shot will drop the Spectre mask for you.

Midas and Revenant Masks

These masks can be found west to an are with the shallow swimming pool. Stand in this pool and just the Jumping Jack emote. You will then see two Hunters spawn that you will have to kill. Both of these Hunters drop Midas and Revenant mask for you.

Ghoul Mask

For the Ghoul Mask, you need to head to the bottom left corner of the map, and near the Lincoln Memorial, to an SHD cache. Here you need to go down the sewer entrance, and follow the tunnel until you reach a room with a laptop inside. Interact with it to light it up and highlight a map.

Next you need to go to the body of water at the memorial and look for a scaffolding that has a light hanging from it. shooting the lightbulb will spawn a Hunter. Kill him and take the Ghoul Mask.

Crimson Mask

To get this mask, you will have to do cover a lot of ground. Head to a location near the stronghold close to Judiciary Square. Go to the courtyard and stand in the middle. Here you will see a wall with two doorways in it on one side, and one single doorway on the other side.

Head into the room with the two doorways, and interact with the computer at the desk. Now you need to head back out to the other side of the courtyard, and go through the other single doorway, and interact with the phone on the desk.

If you look out at the courtyard, a Hunter will have spawned. Kill the Hunter to get the Crimson Mask

Wraith Mask

This mask can be found far east of the map, and to the right side of the safehouse that is near Capitol Hill. Here you need to look for a memorial wall with water in front of it. once you find it, stand in the water, and turn around to your left to shoot he light illuminating the wall.

Step out of the water, and stand behind the light, and salute the wall. This is when a Hunter will spawn for you to kill and get the Wraith Mask.

Diamond, Death, Phantom, Cross Masks

You can find 4 masks here and it is by far the most difficult of the challenge. First, you need to go north of the Control Point, where a park will be with a Christmas tree in the middle.

Go to the office where you will see a level on the side of the desk. Pull this level, and then go back outside and start running around the Christmas tree. Do this until you see three Hunters spawn the area.

Take out the three Hunters to get the Cross, Diamond and Death Masks. To get the fourth mask which is the Phantom Mask, you need to go outside the part to the street on the right. Here you will find the hunter crouched near the fence and he will drop the mask when you kill him.

Demon Mask

To get this mask, you need to go to shopping mall that is at the east of the White House, and to the right of the Control Point. Go down the escalator and follow the path and stairs until you find a grassy platform.

You need to stand on this platform and look towards the windows across. Four targets will show up in the windows that you have to shoot. Start from top to bottom, and a hunter will spawn when you have shot all 4. Kill the Hunter to get the Demon Mask.

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