The Division 2 First Major Update Out, Raid Coming Later This Month

Division 2 Raid Prepare

The first major update dubbed Invasion: Battle for D.C. is now out for all players while the first raid for The Division 2 is arriving later this month. The first raid is called Dark Hours and it will launch on April 25. Invasion: Battle for D.C. brings with it tons of improvements, fixes and a new stronghold Tidal Basin, heroic difficulty and World Tier 5 to the game. This is one meaty patch.

This is the first The Division 2 post-launch patch and it brings with it tons of new features, fixes, and improvements with it. Most of the content focusing on endgame as players need more endgame content which includes activities as well as gear. The main feature highlighted in this update is the new Stronghold called Tidal Basin.

It is strictly an endgame Stronghold and it is owned by Black Tusks. This is a very advanced stronghold and it is around the same size as Roosevelt Island in the game which makes it a pretty big one as well. You will need to complete this Stronghold so that you can be promoted to World Tier 5.

Once you are promoted to World Tier 5, you will have access to a higher gear score of around 450 and 500. The gear sets added with the new update include True Patriot, Ongoing Directive and Hardwired. You can get new Gear Sets from Invaded Missions or from killed Black Tusk enemies. At this World Tier 5, you will also get access to Heroic Difficult which is the hardest difficulty for the game yet.

Expect the best loot drop during this difficulty. Weekly invasions have also been added to the game which will allow players to find some Strongholds and other mission areas invaded. This will change weekly and you can complete as many as you want to earn bonus reward every week.

One of the most important changes in the new update is the re-balance of the skill mods. Most of the skill mods in The Division 2 had very weird requirements and because of them, players were unable to get their preferred builds in place. This also includes complete re-balance of weapon mods which will also allow players more freedom now.

The next big update planned for The Division 2 is the first raid for the title called Dark Hours. It will be the first-ever eight-player raid in The Division franchise. More details on this raid will be revealed later as it is arriving at the end of this month. A new signature weapon which looks like a minigun is also planned for the future.

While you wait for the new raid, be sure to check out some of our The Division 2 guides below.

Are you looking forward to the first raid to arrive in The Division 2? Let us know in the comments section below.

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