The Division 2 Brand Sets Guide – All Brand Set Effects Detailed

The Division 2 Brand Sets

In this The Division 2 Brand Sets Guide, we will detail all the Brand Sets that are available in the game, highlight what effect they have, and what type of gear they are applied on.

In The Division 2, Brand Sets are some type of armor that come in a brand name. These brands are manufactures of these custom armor pieces, that are given out in sets. The sets usually contain a buff for each type of gear that it is special to. For instance, you may have a certain Brand Set that offers you some buff to three or more pieces of your gear.

As you may know, your Gear is made up of 6 components; the mask, vest, holster, backpack, gloves, and kneepads. Brand Sets usually provide a buff to some of the Gear pieces to give you the advantage in a combat.

When you acquire any branded gear, you will immediately get to know the bonuses they provide. These buffs can be specific to a weapon, skill or statistic.

The Division 2 Brand Sets Guide

Now that you know what Brand Sets are, lets take a look at all the Brand Sets that are available in the game. Below we have listed the brand names and their effects.

5.11 Tactical

This Brand Set provides +5% Protection from Elites, +10% Extra Incoming Healing, and +10 Weapon Healing.

Alps Summit Armament

This Brand Set provides  +10% Cooldown Reduction, +5% Skill Power, and +15% Hive Skill Power.

Airaldi Holdings

This Brand Set provides +10% Accuracy, +10% Headshot Damage, and +10% Marksman Rifle Damage.

Badger Tuff

This Brand Set provides +7.0% Damage to Elites, +15.0% Armor % on Kill, and +15% Chem Launcher Skill Power.

China Light Industries Corporation

This Brand Set Provides +10.0% Explosive Damage, +10.0% Shotgun Damage, and +10.0% Cooldown Reduction.

Douglas & Harding

This Brand Set Provides +5.0% Accuracy, +10.0% Critical Hit Damage, and +7.0% Critical Hit Chance.

Fenris Group AB

This Brand Set Provides +10.0% Assault Rifle Damage, +10% Protection from Elites, and +20.0% Health on Kill.

Gila Guard

This Brand Set Provides +5.0% Total Armor , +20.0% Hazard Protection, and +15% Pulse Skill Power.

Murakami Industries

This Brand Set Provides +8.0% Health, +10.0% Hazard Protection, and +15% Firefly Skill Power.

Overlord Armaments

This Brand Set Provides +10.0% Rifle Damage, +7.5% Total Armor, and +7.0% Damage to Elites.

Petrov Defense Group

This Brand Set Provides +10.0% LMG Damage, +15.0% Turret Skill Power, and +10.0% Cooldown Reduction.

Providence Defense

This Brand Set Provides +10.0% Skill Power, +8.0% Health, and +5.0% Weapon Damage.

Richter & Kaiser

This Brand Set Provides +10.0 Hazard Protection, +20% Pistol Damage, and +15% Shield Skill Power.

Sokolov Concern

This Brand Set Provides +10.0% SMG Damage, +8.0% Critical Hit Damage, and +15% Seeker Skill Power.

Wyvern Wear

This Brand Set Provides +7.0% Critical Hit Damage, +15% Drone Skill Power, and +10.0% Critical Hit Chance.

Yaahl Gear

This Brand Set Provides +10.0% Weapon Handling, +8.0% Hazard Protection, and +5.0% Weapon Damage.

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