Summoners War: Sky Arena Marks 10-Year Milestone with Major Anniversary Update

Com2uS, the developer behind the iconic action RPG Summoners War: Sky Arena, is celebrating a decade of success with a massive game-changing update. As of today, players can dive into anniversary-exclusive content, limited-time events, and numerous quality-of-life improvements that promise to enhance the Summoners War: Sky Arena experience with the 10th Anniversary update. The festivities also include the opportunity for players to acquire powerful 5-star Nat Monsters with Fire, Water, or Wind attributes, adding a strategic edge to dungeon domination and rewarding gameplay.

The 10th-anniversary celebration features special videos on the official Summoners War YouTube channel showcasing global Summoners and their experiences with the game. Additionally, players can participate in the “Summoners War is ____” Event, a part of the 10th Anniversary Special, where they stand a chance to win various prizes, including an exclusive limited edition trophy.

Check out the Summoners War 10th Anniversary Video below:

Here are the highlights of the Summoners War: Sky Arena 10th Anniversary update:

New Monsters: Summoners can collect 10-Year Coins until June 9 to choose any 5-star Nat Monster with Fire, Water, or Wind attributes. A one-time Monster change option is available after summoning, allowing flexibility in Monster selection. Moreover, new Monsters Cyborg and Hacker have joined the fray with a bonus event running until May 5, offering exclusive rewards like Cyborg Scrolls.

NAT 5 Wish Monster Giveaway: Players can spend 10th Anniversary Coins to summon powerful 5-star Wish Monsters from Fire, Water, and Wind attributes until June 9. These coins are obtainable through various in-game activities or by using crystals.

Transmog Giveaway: Summoners can acquire Monster Transmogs themed according to their preferences and attribute through daily check-ins, receiving up to 10 Transmogs and an exclusive Heroine of Destiny Homunculus Transmog after 10 consecutive days of logging in.

Anniversary Scroll Giveaway: The event offers Summoners the chance to purchase up to 200 10th Anniversary Scrolls. The first 100 Scrolls are priced at just 1 coin each, with subsequent Scrolls available at 15 coins each.

Special Shop: Players can access the Special Shop by purchasing 10th Anniversary Scrolls, offering a range of valuable items such as Legendary Scrolls, Mystical Scrolls, Legendary Runes, Devilmon, and more.

Quality-of-Life Improvements: The update includes enhanced secret dungeon entry conditions, improvements in Summoner’s Way & Mana Stone in Challenge Task, and the addition of the Welcome Special Reward Pass, Goddess Coin, and Goddess Shop for a smoother gaming experience.

Summoners War: Sky Arena 10th Anniversary

Summoners War: Sky Arena has achieved tremendous success since its launch in 2014, boasting over 200 million downloads and generating more than 3.4 trillion KRW in cumulative sales. The game’s popularity continues to grow, thanks to frequent updates, collaborations with renowned franchises like Cookie Run: Kingdom and Assassin’s Creed, and a dedicated community of players worldwide.

For further details on the Summoners War: Sky Arena 10th Anniversary update, players can visit the official game website and review the update notes. The game is available for free download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, inviting both new and seasoned players to join in the celebration of a decade of epic battles and strategic adventures.

Have you played Summoners War: Sky Arena and will you be jumping back into the game to try out the new 10th Anniversary Content? Let us know in the comments section below.

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