Summoners War: Sky Arena Get Two New Monsters Robo and Sky Surfer

Summoners War: Sky Arena

Com2uS has just released two new monsters in Summoners War: Sky Arena. These new Powerful Monsters are Sky Surfer and Robo, while a Special Summon Event for both monsters will be live until August 29.

In the special event, the chances of summoning the new monsters will be slightly higher than other summons.

Check out the new monsters in the new trailer below:

Summoners War: Sky Arena is an action-packed fantasy RPG with over 100 million Summoners around the world! Jump into the Sky Arena, a world under battle over the vital resource: Mana Crystals. Summon over 1,000 different types of monsters to compete for victory in the Sky Arena. Assemble the greatest team of monsters for strategic victories

Com2uS also shared the details about the new monsters:

  • New Monster “Robo” – Robo is a default 4 Monster and robot with an orb shape. He uses his Energy Bolt to attack enemies and deal damage, which increases according to your MAX HP and increases Attack Speed for 1 turn. He self-destructs to inflict damage and increases the Attack Bar of all allies by 50% and decreases the Attack Bar of all enemies by 50% upon their death.
  • New Monster “Sky Surfer” – Sky Surfer is a default 5 Monster and possesses strong flying powers. He uses his Cutback Blow to attack enemies, which absorbs the Attack Bar by 15% with a 50% chance. Additionally, he uses his Spin Grab Shot to attack enemies to remove all beneficial effects with an 80% chance and stuns enemies with a 30% chance. Finally, Sky Surfer uses his passive Jet Engine to increase Attack Speed by up to 100%

One last note about the Special Summon Event, the special summon can proceed with all the other summons except the Ancient Transcendence Scroll, 7-Year Special Scroll, Exclusive Summon, Monster Summoning Piece Summon, and Guild Summon.


What do you think of the new monsters in Summoners War: Sky Arena? Post your comments below.

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