Mobile RPG Summoners War: Sky Arena Celebrates Its 8th Anniversary

Summoners War: Sky Arena Anniversary

Mobile developer Com2uS has announced that it is celebrating the 8th anniversary of its flagship mobile RPG Summoners War: Sky Arena. The celebration adds new monsters and special in-game events for players to enjoy. The update also introduces a variety of special events for players to participate in, including a new Nat 5 Monster Summon Event, Infinite Coin Shop Event, and a Friend Gift Event.

To celebrate the new anniversary event, you can now add the new legendary monsters Shadowcaster and Hypenomeow to your character rosters. The studio has released a brand-new cinematic trailer to reveal the new monsters and in-game updates as well. Check it out below:

Additional details about the event include:

  • New Monsters “Shadowcaster” and “Hypnomeow” – Sky Arena players can now add two new monsters to their rosters, including Shadowcaster and Hypnomeow. When deploying Shadowcaster, players can stun enemies for one turn up to 30%, and decrease their Defense for two turns by up to 80%. With Hypnomeow, players can attack an enemy and deal damage according to their Max HP to put enemies to sleep.
  • New Special Anniversary Events
    • Nat 5 Monster Summon Event – Starting now through June 1, players can summon eight Nat 5 Monsters at the event page based on the amount of 8-Year Coins they’ve collected. Players can also collect 100 coins by logging-in daily and 1,000 coins will be given on “Day 10/20/30” of check-in, while new and returning players will receive twice the amount of coins.
      • Up to eight monsters can be summoned from the event page, and players can acquire one monster at a time, according to their coins collected in total.
        • 1,000 coins collected – Summon 1 Nat 5 Monster
        • 3,000 coins collected – Summon 1 Nat 5 Monster
        • 6,000 coins collected – Summon 1 Nat 5 Monster
        • 10,000 coins collected – Summon 1 Nat 5 Monster
        • 15,000 coins collected – Summon 1 Nat 5 Monster
        • 20,000 coins collected – Summon 1 Nat 5 Monster
        • 30,000 coins collected – Summon 1 Nat 5 Monster
        • 40,000 coins collected – Summon 1 Nat 5 Monster
    • Infinite Coin Shop Event – Until June 1, players can collect special items at the Coin Shop, including a Mystical Scroll, Mana Stone +200,000, Energy +100, and 6★ Rune (Hero+) x1.
    • Friend Gift Event – During this event, new and returning Summoners can claim a welcome gift when they enter the coupon code they received from another player. Existing Summoners will win Mystical Scrolls whenever a new or returning Summoner redeems their coupon code.

Previously, Com2uS added two additional monsters in the game Robo and Sky Surfer. Currently, Summoners War: Sky Arena is available on both iOS and Android.


Are you looking forward to jumping back into Summoners War: Sky Arena to try out the new 8th anniversary content? Let us know in the comments below.

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