SoulCalibur VI Network Test Is Coming, Pre-Load the Client Right Now

SoulCalibur VI

Bandai Namco has announced that SoulCalibur VI Network Test is starting tomorrow and players who want to participate and experience the game early before it launches can start pre-loading the game client right now.

The main purpose of this Network Test is to test out the online capabilities of the game and make some final adjustments to it based on player feedback. During this Network Test, Ranked Match mode will be available to all participating players.

The Network Test is only available to players on PS4 and Xbox One. To help players get to the top of the game, Bandai Namco has also listed some combat basics and character move set guides on their official announcement page. You can check them out by visiting here.

The SoulCalibur VI Network Test is scheduled to run from September 28, 5 PM CEST to October 1, 5 AM CEST. Therefore, this covers an entire weekend for fans to enjoy the game. However, since this is a Network Test so the servers of the game might be unavailable some time during this phase due to on-going work at the backend. So fans have been informed beforehand that network problems might occur during the test phase.

SoulCalibur VI is very critical to the developers because this is their one last try to push start the franchise back to its formal glory. If the game fails to deliver, this will mark the end of the franchise. This was revealed by Motohiro Okubo last month when he stated that it was very difficult to convince Bandai Namco to allow another SoulCalibur title since las few titles have failed to sell much.

Therefore, SoulCalibur VI is very important for the studio right now if they want the franchise to survive. The last SoulCalibur came out nearly six years ago and fans of the series had lost hope about a new title ever coming out. Developers have been revealing more and more information about the game to keep the hype us as well.

Many characters have been revealed recently including some fan favorites returning from the previous titles. Characters that have been revealed recently include Cervantes and Rapheal who were initially leaked at an Australian game demo.

The game build which was featured on the Tokyo Game Show 2018 also seemed to have Inferno which means that Inferno is also making a return in the game however we are currently awaiting official confirmation on this.

Due to the critical nature of SoulCalibur VI, developers are taking extra measures to ensure that they deliver the best title possible. The Network Test is also a part of this exercise in making the online feature of the game free of any bugs or glitches when the game comes out later this month.

SoulCalibur VI is releasing on October 19, 2018 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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