Shakedown: Hawaii Gets ‘The Mogul Update’, Brings New Content, Fixes

Review: Shakedown: Hawaii

Vblank Entertainment has released the first big update for Shakedown: Hawaii dubbed ‘The Mogul Update’ and it brings tons of changes and additions to the game. The update is currently live on PC and PS4 while the PS Vita and Nintendo Switch updates are in certification and will be live on the respective consoles soon.

The Mogul Update brings with it some new features, fixes some bugs and also tweaks some things to make the game better and more enjoyable. The biggest change in the new update is making the endgame for clear for the players by altering the dialogue in some story missions. The game is designed such that once the main story is over, players can acquire the entire island.

For this, they require capital which of course comes from the main story missions. However, players avoided the main story missions and focused more on shakedowns which resulted in players not getting enough capital and were eventually unable to dominate the entire island.

Shakedown Hawaii Mogul Update

With the new update, the in-game dialogue has been changed a little bit here and there so that the game can clearly guide the player towards the end goal. Similar to this, with a few strategically placed multipliers on businesses, players would be able to achieve 100% rather than adding multipliers to all businesses.

The new update also makes it easier for players who want to max out the entire city with multipliers as it was requested by some of the fans. With the new update, the process is now faster and simpler for anyone who wants to max out the entire city. In addition to these major changes in the new update, the following list details all changes according to the official press release.

  • More Shakedown Scenarios (even more variety!)
  • Car Repossession (earn extra cash for your Subprime Auto locations)
  • Weapon Pawning (earn cash and clear out inventory)
  • Shop Icons added to the map
  • Expands some building interiors
  • Character upgrades can now be unequipped
  • Faster property and multipliers purchasing
  • Salary can now be increased quicker
  • Police chases improved
  • Horns/sirens added to vehicles
  • Bug fixes (nearly all reported bugs have been fixed)

These are all the changes and additions that are added to Shakedown: Hawaii with The Mogul Update. For more details, you can check out the official VBlank Entertainment website.

Shakedown: Hawaii is now out on PS4, PC, PS Vita, and Nintendo Switch.

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