Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Ninjutsu Technique Guide – Where to Find

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Ninjutsu Technique

In this Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Ninjutsu Technique Guide, we will show you where you can get all the Ninjutsu Techniques in the game. These are special combat moves that are performed after backstabbing an enemy and are only acquired after defeating certain enemies.

Ninjutsu can be equipped from the inventory in addition to the combat arts. There are 3 Ninjutsu Techniques in the game, and all three of them are obtained after defeating three bosses

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Ninjutsu Technique Guide

Below we have detailed how you can get all the 3 Ninjutsu Techniques in the game and what enemy needs to be defeated in order to obtain them.

Ninjutsu Technique #1 – Bloodsmoke

This Ninjutsu Technique is special in a way that it creates a smoke screen after you backstab an enemy. It requires at least 6 Spirit Emblems to perform Bloodsmoke.

To get this Ninjutsu Technique, you have to defeat the Genichiro Boss found in the Ashina Castle. The boss fight is part of the main story so it is unmissable. Once you have defeated Genichiro, the Ninjutsu is unlocked immediately.

Ninjutsu Technique #2 – Puppeteer

This Ninjutsu Technique allows you to manipulate the enemy after you have backstabbed them. The move turns the enemy blue and seizes them to attack you any longer.

To get this Ninjutsu Technique you have to defeat the Folding Screen Monkeys. This battle is also part of the main story of the game and ensues in the Senpou Temple – Mt. Kongo region. Once the monkeys are defeated, the Ninjutsu Technique will be unlocked automatically.

Ninjutsu Technique #3 – Bestowal

With this Ninjutsu Technique, you can cover your sword in the enemy’s blood to extend your range by backstabbing an enemy.

This Ninjutsu Technique can only be unlocked after you have defeated the Guardian Ape boss. Then you need to get past the Great Serpent in the Depths. To get to this area, you need to go to the Bodhisattva Valley idol or fast travel in the Sunken Valley.

Once you are here. Head down the poison-filled valley below, and follow the path staying on the right side. You will find a merchant here and past him will be a cave with the Great Serpent blocking the path. Follow until you reach its head, making sure you do not alert it.

On the left side, you can use the Puppeteer Ninjutsu to scare a monkey by pressing the button again after backstabbing it. this will gain the Serpent’s attention and clearing your path.

Past the Serpent, you will reach the Ashina Depths. in a circular room filled with poison, you have to defeat a few enemies and a mini-boss. After the fight, the fog gate will disappear and a new path will open up for you.

You will reach an area where you will have a rematch against the second form of the Guardian Ape, the Headless Ape. Once you have taken the Ape down for the first time, another second Ape with the same moveset will appear.

After you have defeated the second ape, focus on the Headless Ape and take him down. Once you defeat it, approach its corpse and execute the corpse with the mortal blade. This will grant you the final Ninjutsu Technique.

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