Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – How to Cure Dragonrot, Remove Rot Essence

Sekiro Dragonrot Rot Essence

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is extremely brutal when it comes to gameplay and it does not even spare you in death. Every time you die in Sekiro, you will get infected by a disease called Dragonrot and you will not only affect yourself and also all NPCs around you with Rot Essence. This will affect your communication with them and will severely affect the gameplay.

We have curated this Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice guide in which we will guide you on how you can cure Dragonrot, remove Rot Essence and how you can obtain the Unseen Aid which is the game’s way of giving you a break if you die in the game. It is vital that you get comfortable with these three terms as soon as possible because you must know how to cure yourself of Dragonrot and also to remove Rot Essence.

Understanding Rot Essence

You will die in Sekiro and depending on your skill, you might die a lot in the game. As you continue to die in the game, you will eventually see a cutscene where you will wake up near a coughing Sculptor. Here you will get a card which will inform that you because of your deaths, an NPC has caught Rot Essence from you. After this cutscene, if you continue to die, again and again, more NPCs will catch Rot Essence and your interaction with them will be affected.

Curing Dragonrot

Sekiro will introduce you to the process of Dragonrot with the help of a side quest. You start by speaking with Emma at the Dilapidated Temple. She will ask you to collect some samples from the afflicted. You can do so by heading to the old woman located on the path to the Ashina Castle. She is the same woman who gave you the bell charm.

Go to her and collect the charm. Once you have the sample, head back to Emma and give her the sample. Head to another area and then return back to Emma at a later stage. She will give you a Dragon’s Blood Droplet. Take the droplet and head to the nearest Sculptor’s Idol. Interact with it and choose Dragonrot Restoration. This will cure your Dragonrot.

Once you have learned how to cure your Dragonrot, you can simply collect a Dragon’s Blood Droplet and head to a Sculptor’s Idol to cure yourself. You can find Dragon’s Blood Droplet at various vendors throughout the game.

Understanding Unseen Aid

Unseen Aid is an in-game mechanic or a buff which prevents loss of half your sen (gold) and skill points when you die. By default, the game has a 33% chance of giving you an Unseen Aid when you die and it cannot be upgraded beyond this. You can get one if you use Resurrection or not. It completely depends on the game to give you one or not and you cannot force the game to give you one.

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