Second Truck Driver Development Update Released by SOEDESCO

Truck Driver Development Update

SOEDESCO has released a new Truck Driver development update which shares inside information about the in-game parking system, garage, and map design. In the video, Remco de Rooij of Triangle Studios shares some information about the latest improvements that have been made to Truck Driver.

The video starts with him explaining how the parking system in Truck Driver has been designed in order to find a middle ground between providing a challenge for those who like it but not taking up too much time for the rest. It strikes a perfect balance between being convenient and challenging at the same time.

At the end of every job, players will need to park the cargo in specified places and parking a truck with cargo trailer attached at the back is no easy job. The game features a very advanced parking system that will allow players to park their trucks efficiently.

Every time a player is trying to park their truck, the game will kick in the system which will guide the player to properly park the truck. Players who manage to park their trucks better will be able to get a much higher reward based on their good performance.

Another big improvement coming in Truck Driver is the garage. The customizations of trucks are now more detailed and much better than before. The truck customization UI is now more refined and fluid. The game now ditches the earlier complex UI and replaces it with a much quicker and simpler UI allowing players to quickly modify their truck with their desired options.

The final thing that has come in discussion in the second development update video is the map of Truck Driver. It has been completely revamped as well. The entire game world was scraped and a brand new world was developed for Truck Driver as the developers themselves were not happy with the initial world of the game.

Scrapping and developing the game world from scratch takes a lot of time and effort because it is just like developing a whole new game again. The developers of the game have been listening to all the fan feedback received during the beta and now a lot of much-needed changes have been implemented in Truck Driver to make it better.

Check out the second development update below.

Truck Driver will be released on PS4 and Xbox One as well as their 4K counterparts. A confirmed release date is not yet known.

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