RuneScape Fort Forinthry Season Continues with Woodcutter’s Grove Update

RuneScape Fort Forinthry Woodcutter's Grove

RuneScape Fort Forinthry season is currently live in the game and the developer has launched the latest Woodcutter’s Grove update for it. Woodcutter’s Grove update adds a brand-new storyline to the game which also introduces a new training area for woodcutting, a new best-in-slot hatchet, and a shedload of woodcutting perks to enhance RuneScape’s most relaxing skill. As part of the new update, you can build the new Woodcutter’s Grove in the game.

Once the Woodcutter’s Grove is built, you can drop by here at any time for all your woodcutting needs. It will offer you a lot of things including a trove of diverse trees for pro woodcutters and budding arborists. This content will also unlock the most convenient Elder Tree location in the game which makes the journey from level 1-99 much more manageable. The update also provides you with a chance to unlock the best-in-class Tier 80 Imcando hatchet. If you collect four fragments of these legendary woodcutting tools, you can combine them with the Dragon hatchet to make it a powerful new skilling item.

Woodcutting is one of the most traditional skills in RuneScape and it is vital since it allows players access to vital resources required to build everything from deadly arrows to mighty forts. Woodcutting is also the first skill that a lot of players in the game opt for and they seem to fully invest their time in it. There is a nostalgic appeal to this nostalgic skill in the game which is why the new update greatly emphasizes it. Woodcutter’s Grove also adds general improvements to woodcutting and fletching skills, upgradeable wood boxes for storing logs, and the introduction of Wood Spirits which provide an additional log to each successful felled tree. You will need a RuneScape membership to access Fort Fortinthry: Woodcutter’s Grove.

The previous update for RuneScape Fort Forinthry was called Unwelcomed Guests and it was released on April 10, 2023. It added a brand-new mini-quest and Slayer challenge to the game with the new Slayer Master in The Raptor. New skilling rewards were also added to the game. RuneScape is set in Gielinor where you can explore a unique world solo or with friends. Gielinor is a magical world that has been growing for over two decades and offers over 28 skills to masters ranging from Woodcutting, Fishing, Smithing, and Construction. For additional details, you can check out the official website of the game.


Are you looking forward to jumping back into RuneScape Fort Forinthry to try out the new Woodcutter’s Grove update? Let us know in the comments section below.

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