RuneScape Fort Forinthry Concluding with Classic Dungeon-Crawling Quest

RuneScape Fort Forinthry

Developer Jagex has announced the conclusion of the ongoing Fort Forinthry Season in RuneScape with the release of a classic dungeon-crawling quest called Dead and Buried. The Dead and Buried quest is now live in RuneScape Fort Forinthry and in this new quest, players will team up with the fan-favorite character The Raptor and venture into the Wilderness Crypt where they will battle hordes of undead led by the nefarious necromancer, Zemouregal.

The final update also adds a new Ranger’s Workroom to gain new powerful upgrades to the Fletching skill. Dead and Buried picks off right where events of Fort Forinthry: Unwelcome Guests ended with Zemouregal disappearing behind a mysterious dragonkin door in the newly discovered Wilderness Crypt. Below this crypt, players will enter into a dungeon and confront Zemouregal ahead of Necromancy which is slated for an August release. This is a classic RuneScape quest where players can expect fierce combat, difficult puzzles, and epic confrontations.

RuneScape Fort Forinthry

You will need to equip yourself with crossbows and for this, you will need to upgrade the fort with a new Fletching building, the Ranger’s Workroom. This building will allow you to train your Fletching skill and gain powerful XP boosts while doing so. Using this building will also unlock one of the four Wisdom of Anima perks which will allow players to create the most powerful versions of Elder God Arrows. Once you manage to finish the Dead and Buried Quest, you will be rewarded with a quest point, a couple of XP lamps, two Treasure Hunter keys and fully unlocking the three tiers of the Fort Forinthry Ranger’s Workroom.

Previous updates for RuneScape Fort Forinthry included the Unwelcome Guests Update and the Woodcutter’s Grove Update. These updates were major, and they included a lot of content for players to experience while the Fort Forinthry season was active in the game. If you are planning to jump into the final Dead and Buried quest, you should know that it requires the completion of New Foundations, Murder on the Border, and Unwelcome Guests to Tier 1 along with a level 10 Slayer and 50 Construction. For additional details, you can check out the official website of RuneScape.


Are you looking forward to jumping back in RuneScape to play the final quest Dead and Buried to conclude the Fort Forinthry Season? Let us know in the comments section below.

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